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Buy Healing Gongs Online

Gongs are musical percussion instruments that takes the form of a flat, circular metal disc. They are used during rituals or symphony orchestras. The large round disc is hit with a mallet. Originally, gongs come from South-East Asia. The word ‘gong’ is Malaysian. Nowadays, Chinese and Japanese gongs are the most famous.

Traditionally, the gong is used as a signal. It announced rituals or tribal meetings. It was also hit with a mallet when processions took place or prominent citizens traveled through the city. Even today, gongs still function as a harmonious yet clear signal. For example, they are often used during meditations. They mark the beginning or the end of a session. Because of its special, pure sound, a gong always demands silence and attention.

Types of Gongs

Spiru sells three types of gongs: chao, wind and table gongs. 

The Chao Gong
A classic Chinese gong, also called bulls eye or tam-tam . The sound of this heavy instrument can be described as earthly. That is why it is often used in sound therapy and healing sessions to stimulate the first chakra.

The Wind Gong
Also called Feng. The wind gong easily produces overtones. Because of this, the wind gong is compared to the rustling of the wind – ‘feng in Chinese. Even pop musicians and Rock bands make use of these gongs by attaching them to their drum sets.

The Table Gong

The table Gong is smaller in size and varies from 8 to 25 centimetres. This small percussion instrument has a somewhat higher sound. Because of its size, it is also easy to transport. The table Gong comes with a holder.

Playing the Gong as a Musical Instrument

You can play a gong with a soft mallet made of felt or a drumstick with a nylon tip. They each have a different effect. The soft felt mallet gives a sound that resonates for a long time. The drumstick produces a sound that is comparable to a clockwork in an old-fashioned clock. All of Spiru’s gongs are delivered with a mallet..

Healing Sounds at Spiru

Spiru sells a rich assortment of Gongs, varying from small table versions to wind gongs of up to 50 cm! They are often made from a mix of copper and tin. Because of this, beautiful overtones are produced. For different mallets, take a look at large collection. Make sure to order a matching bag. This way, your beautiful instrument is easy to transport and store!

In addition to Gongs, Spiru has a large variety of healing instruments. Here you can find Tuning Forks and sound bars, as well as handmade Singing Bowls. You can find more types of wind Gongs and organs when you browse our Decoration or Feng Shui collections. For healing sounds and relaxation, you came to the right place!