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Buy ritual bells
Bubbles are a regular part of various religious rituals. They are used especially in Hindu and Buddhist services. Such a service is called a puja or pooja . The word puja means ‘to pay respect’ or ‘to make sacrifices’. During a sacrificial service, calls are used for various functions. For example, the bell indicates when the ceremony begins or ends. It also stimulates hearing and dissipates negative energy. Moreover, he wakes up the gods who are called upon in the service.

There are different types of bubbles. In Hindu services you will find a ghanti. That is a simple bubble with an inscription or decoration. In Tibetan Buddhism the bell is used together with a dorje oror vajra. This set symbolizes the union of male and female principles. The dorje then represents form and compassion, the male principle. The female principle of emptiness and wisdom, is embodied by the embodied. Hold a village in your right hand and the bell in your left.

Spiru sells a beautiful selection of ritual bells in different sizes and materials. Our bells are made of bronze or brass. They are decorated with spiritual symbols such as the pentagram. Of course the Ohm-sign is also available: after all, this is the sound of the universe! The sets with bell and dorje are also beautifully decorated with classic Tibetan symbols.

At Spiru you will find all the requirements for a meaningful service or meditation. In a prayer room, meditation centre or just at home! In our online shop you can easily put together a package of pooja articles. For example, offer dishes, prayer mills or ghee-candles. At Spiru you will find everything for a puja that suits you!


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