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Tingsha Bells

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Tingsha Bells

A Tibetan Tingsha or ding-sha is a set of hand cymbals from Tibet. The name is a combination of the Tibetan syllables ‘ting’, meaning metal ringing, and ‘sha’ meaning suspended. So you can roughly translate the word Tingsha as ‘hanging cymbals,’ but they are also frequently called bells or chimes. These small cymbals measuring 5 to 10 centimetres are usually used during spiritual rituals in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. The finger cymbals are also used for harmonizing and cleansing energy, for example in Feng Shui or energy healing.

What are Tingsha Bells Used For?

Tingshas produce a clear, high-pitched tone that lasts for a long time. According to chakra experts, this sound resonates with the vibration of the heart area and balances the auras. The clear tone also gives many people a sense of calm. This makes Tingshas great for concentration exercises. Usually the cymbals mark the beginning and end of a meditation or mindfulness session. Feng Shui fans also like to use the cymbals to purify spaces. According to them, the Qi or chi would spontaneously flow again through the sound of this subtle instrument!

Tingsha Metals

Tingshas are made in a similar way to Singing Bowls. Each part of the tingsha is cast from a mixture of different metals, called an alloy. The most common combination is bronze: a combination of copper, tin and small amounts of nickel. Tingshas consist of three to seven metals, and in special cases twelve. After the metal is shaped, the cymbals are tuned by hand. According to users the more metals used to make the tingsha, the more beautiful the overtones come out.

Symbols Adorning Tingsha Chimes

The two cymbals of the tingsha are usually decorated with figures and characters on the top. These are often dragons, the mantra Om Mani Pad Me Hum, or the eight Tibetan auspicious symbols.

How to Use Tingshas

There are four ways how to play tingsha bells, with the aim of getting a clear, high-pitched ‘tiiiiing’ from the cymbals:

  1. Let both cymbals hang horizontally. Then hold the leather lace in each hand between your thumb and index finger. Then you move both hands towards each other.
  2. Let one cymbal hang horizontally while holding the other in your hand. Then strike the dangling cymbal.
  3. Hold each cymbal vertically in your hand. Tap the cymbals together like two coins.
  4. Hang the tingsha on a hook and strike it with a wooden or metal hammer. It is also possible to use several types of hammers at the same time. This way you get multiple sounds from one tingsha.

How to Store Tingsha Chimes

Store a Tingsha similarly to a singing bowl, namely in a cloth or scarf made of natural material. This way you protect the precious metal against scratches and dirt. There are also special brocade cases to store hand cymbals. These have two compartments where the Tingshas fit perfectly.

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