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Incense Holders

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Buying an Incense Holder

Using incense is impossible without buying the right incense holder, because the holder ensures a safe and decorative way of burning. Holders are available in many different materials, such as wood, metal and soapstone. What kind of holder you need, depends on the kind of incense you use. The most common sort of incense are sticks that can be placed on an incense platter or fireproof bowl filled with sand or rice. The possibilities are endless!

Functions of an Incense Holder

It is believed that, in the house, incense could have a calming and relaxing effect because of the smoke and the aroma that it releases. What kind of incense holder you choose, depends on what sort of incense you use, what material you want and what preferences you have with regard to specific appearances. Thus, it is not that easy to choose one from the many available holders and burners. Therefore, it might be wise to start your incense journey by choosing the right incense holder!

How to Choose your Incense Holder

It can be overwhelming to choose one holder from the many styles that are available. There are many amazing holders in all kinds of shapes, designs and colours. But, there is no need to panic. If you answer the following questions, you might be one step closer to making a decision. 

  • What kind of incense do you want to burn? It narrows down the options you have with regard to what kind of burner you can use.
  • Do you want the holder to fulfil multiple functions? There are holders available that have a storage unit that allow you to burn multiple sticks at the same time. Additionally, there are holders that make it possible to burn/keep multiple kinds of incense.
  • Do you have a preference when it comes to the material used? Certain materials can be chosen for practicality, but can also be chosen for personal reasons.
  • Are you looking for a specific shape, colour or style? From modern to traditional, from simple to prestigious and complex, and from a plain surface to one with bright colours. Again, the possibilities are endless!

Now that you have a better understanding of what kind of incense holder is suitable for your incense burning rituals, below you will find more information about all the incense holders and burners that are available at Spiru! Keep your incense wishes in mind while buying an incense holder!

Wooden Incense Holders

When the incense itself is not in contact with the holder, a wooden holder is among the possibilities. They are available in many variants, suchs as cedarwood. Wooden incense holders are primarily used in the case of incense sticks, when the holder collects the ash that falls from the stick. There are simple platters, or incense boxes that sometimes even contain a little storage unit. How handy!

Burners for Incense Cones

In case you use incense cones, there are also limitless options when it comes to burners. Considering the cones are in direct contact with the holder, the holder should be fire-proof. Thus, the cones are placed on, for example, soapstone, metal, or in a holder that contains sand. You could also go for a more spectacular effect with the backflow Incense burner! With those burners, the smoke from the cone flows down the burner, much like water does at a waterfall. Incense art!

Metal Incense Burners

A metal incense holder is always a good choice; they are fire-proof, available in many shapes and sizes and have a very long life-span. You can find a metal holder for almost every sort of incense. Often, you even have the option to choose from bronze, silver and gold. What else do you want!

Loose Incense Burners

Burning loose incense is something else. You have the option to burn it in a fire-proof holder on which you place coals, or to use a sieve incense holder. Working with loose incense can create a very calming feeling; you keep adding tiny bits of incense, while you take some of the burning coals off. Much like a smoke-ceremony! 

Censers for Religious Use

You have probably seen them hanging or standing in a religious or spiritual place. Hanging censers can often be found in churches, and consist of a bowl with a lid. Often, a chain is attached, so that the censer can be hung on the wall or ceiling or carried around. A Catholic Acolyte swings the censer around to honour holy people or objects.

Hanging and Standing Censers

A censer is not only meant to be used in religious and tradition settings, but can also be used at home. You place incense grains on the smoldering charcoal in the censer, which causes them to smoke. The lid on the censer ensures that the smoke gradually leaves the censer. 

Burning Incense Resin with Coals

Burning on coals is the most traditional way of burning, which actually happens according to the same principle as burning loose incense. For example, you could use a simple oil evaporator and replace the dish by a sieve. Now that we mention it, a sieve burner also works. Do you not have a sieve at home? It is also possible to use something we all have in our kitchen: aluminium foil!

This is how you Burn Incense Cubes

Not everyone is a fan of the smoke that is released by the incense, which is why there are incense cubes available that do not create any smoke. They only release the lovely aromatic scents, and no toxins are created. With the cubes, an incense evaporator is used under which a tea light is placed. This allows the incense to release its scents optimally!

Burning Incense Safely with the Help of Incense accessories

Incense accessories are available for a reason. They help to burn incense safely, but they are also very practical! For example, there are incense tweezers available that allow you to safely grab the smoldering coals. Furthermore, you can buy incense sieves in multiple sizes and brushes to clean the sieve with. Super handy if you prefer not to burn your fingers!

More Items that set the Mood at Spiru

At Spiru, we like to help you create the environment in which you feel most comfortable. Buying an incense holder is only the beginning, because aroma products will really set the mood! Do it yourself? Read our blog ‘Making a Smudge Stick’. Furthermore, candles should obviously be included if you want to create a cozy setting; the scents, colours and light really set the mood. Accessories such as tapestries, spiritual statues, window hangers and mood lights are the final touch. At Spiru, we offer you affordable items to create the mood that you are looking for!