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Scented Candles

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Scented Candles

Usually you want to buy a scented candle for the nice aroma they give off. Because they smell wonderful,they can really create a great atmosphere. A wonderful scent can immediately have a soothing and relaxing effect by ensuring peace in the house. These scented accessories can also be used for other purposes, such as rituals. You can buy scented candles in aromas that relax you or are specifically associated with a ritual, chakra, or other effect. It’s possible to find a fragrant flame for every occasion!

Different Shapes of Scented Candles

There are many forms of candles, made from different ingredients. For example, tea lights, pillar candles, long candle sticks, and scented candle sets. A candle is made of stearin (100% sustainable palm oil), paraffin, rapeseed wax, or a mix of palm and soy wax. Natural scented candles are usually made from soy or rapeseed wax. The advantage of soy wax is that it is 100% natural and emits much less soot than, for example, paraffin. This is better for air quality, your home interior, and the environment. The candles are available individually, but also in nice holders and packaging, or as scented candle sets. You can expect a variety of symbols from our spiritual scented candle collection, such as candles with a Tree of Life or Hamsa Hand.

Scented Candles for Every Occasion

Do you want to find the perfect scented candle for a special occasion? Then you will find different scented candles online at Spiru. There is a matching variety for every occasion, tradition or ritual. You can therefore choose from many different types, each supporting a different purpose. Below you will find the most popular types.

Chakra Scented Candles

Chakra Candles are commonly used during Chakra work that focuses on these centers of life force. It is said that the scent, color, and meaning of such a candle has a positive effect on the corresponding chakra in the body. For example, you can burn a chakra scented candle to stimulate a specific chakra, or all seven at the same time with a scented candle set, such as the  7 Chakra Scented Candles gift set for balance. These are the chakras and their corresponding colors:

  • First chakra (root chakra): Red for red earth energy. The color of warmth, passion, love, energy and strength.
  • Second chakra (sacral chakra): Orange. The color of creativity, enthusiasm, cheerfulness and kindness.
  • Third chakra (solar plexus chakra): Yellow. The color of light, intelligence, optimism, curiosity and hope.
  • Fourth chakra (heart chakra): Green. The color of fertility, growth, happiness, reliability and balance.
  • Fifth chakra (throat chakra): Blue. The color of wisdom, tranquility, peace, inspiration, freedom, security and devotion.
  • Sixth chakra (third eye): Indigo. The color of intuition, acceptance, letting go, control, wisdom and skill.
  • Seventh chakra (crown chakra): Purple. The color of spirituality, self-confidence, dreams, ambition and conviction.

Scented Candles with an Intention

Scented candles with an intention are also called Votive Candles. Examples of this are Rest, Love, and Good Night’s Sleep. The aromas used are believed to support this intention. For example, if you want peace and quiet, the subtle scent of lavender is a popular option.

Traditional Ghee Candles

Authentic ghee candles are also a popular type of natural scented candles. These semi-circular cuties are frequently used at the Hindu Festival of Lights Diwali or Deepavali. They are traditionally made from clarified butter. The cotton wick in the candle gives off aroma from the scent it is dipped in. According to Hindu traditions, these lights bring prosperity and wisdom.

Affirmation and Angels Scented Candles

Angel and Affirmation Candles are often used in rituals. They are used to stimulate positive thoughts through the repetition of a particular wish, intention, or prayer. These devotional candles are mainly found in churches where they are lit in memory of a loved one who has died. You can also buy an affirmation scented candle to get in touch with an Archangel or Guardian Angel, for example.

Relaxation and Atmosphere at Home with Spiru

Have you already selected the best scented candles for your needs and are they already burning wonderfully in your home? A good scented candle scent can create even more relaxation and mood with some extras. A Rainbow Crystal, for example, provides special rays of light in a room. Have you purchased a scented candle for a daily ritual? Complete the ritual with, for example, Buddha Statues or Angel Statues. Now add some warm colors with Spiritual Atmosphere Lights and then your interior is completely ritually ready. You will find everything for an atmospheric and relaxed space at Spiru.