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Incense Burner

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Why Buy an Incense Burner?

Incense burners are of course used for the burning of incense. They hold the incense and catch its falling ash while it smolders. Different incense burners are suitable for various types of incense. Often an incense burner is decorated with some type of spiritual symbol.

Five Types of Incense Burners

There are five types of incense and each burns in a different manner. Each sort of incense has a specific burner that is best suited to it. By using the correct incense burner, the risk of fire is minimized, the burning is clean and hygienic, and the fragrance is optimized.

Incense Comes in These Five Forms:

Materials and Types

Incense burners are made in many different forms. Popular materials include soapstone and sandstone. These stones are ideal for engraving with symbolic decorations. Envision the lotus, OHM, Buddha, or pentagram. This is also true for Wooden Incense Burners. These classic incense boxes and planks are not only decorated with symbols, but also display craftsmanship in their delicate carving. Unique incense burners from Tibet are individually painted. Metal Incense Burners like Censures are extremely heat resistant, making them perfect for burning incense on Charcoal.

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