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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Wooden Owl

At Spiru you will find all kinds of wooden owl ornaments, figurines, and statues in the webshop. You can choose from many other wooden animals too, each of which symbolizes something different. The wooden statues are made of different types of wood, giving each statue a unique look. The dark types give a rustic look, while the lighter woods create tranquility again. Most of the statues are also fairtrade and made by hand. This makes each figurine a unique work of art and a beautiful symbolic gift. The wooden owl statue is also suitable as a totem animal.

Wooden Owl for Good Feng Shui

An environment in which you don’t feel at home is frustrating. Feng Shui is about total harmony between you and your environment. Good Feng Shui relaxes and makes you feel good in your home. For example, you can improve Feng Shui with the right light or by decorating the room with products made from natural materials. If you donā€™t have a green thumb, instead of plants you can place wooden figurines to improve your homeā€™s feng shui. Enrich the same space with some Burlap Baskets, and spread some cleansing light with a Rainbow Crystal Sun Catcher and really relax!

The Owl as Totem Animal

In Shamanism there is much talk about totem animals or medicine animals. This also includes the owl. Animals, according to the shamans, represent the animal side of our personality. Their wisdom and strength could help us in earthly life and are seen as the animal guides on our path. Owls have a human expression because they blink the upper eyelid just like humans. However, they cannot move their eyes, so they increase their field of vision by turning their necks. Those with the owl as a totem animal should therefore delve into the symbolism of the flexibility of the neck. According to this meaning, if your neck is stiff, you would hinder your own perception. Find Out More About Shamanism and Nature Here.

General Meaning Owl Wood

The owl is a symbol of clairvoyance. Owls see things in the dark that we humans can’t and have good hearing. It is also said that the owl sees things that others do not. Due to the special properties of the animal, the owl was associated with wisdom. Find out more about the Spiritual Meaning of Birds Here.

Meaning Wooden Owl

Not only does the owl have excellent night vision, this bird is also said to have exceptionally good hearing. Owls would therefore be one of the few animals that could perceive the invisible, such as the deeper meaning of things or the dark hidden secrets. It then of course makes perfect sense that the owl is a symbol of clairvoyance. Even in the dark, it has excellent vision and exceptional hearing. Others don’t hear him very well, because the owl’s feathers ensure that it makes a noiseless flight. If one flies into your life just as quietly, let it help you face your challenges. Wooden owl decor in your home could remind you of this.

Owl Meaning Greeks

With the ancient Greeks, the (little) owl was the sacred animal of the goddess Athena and a symbol of wisdom. He was the guardian of the Acropolis. Pallas Athena named the owl the bird of wisdom. This became her permanent supervisor. You often see the animal in images of the goddess. In addition, the little owl was depicted on the one cent coin of Greece. Although the owl symbolizes wisdom, the owl chick stands for stupidity. This can be explained by the saying: ā€œunderstanding comes with ageā€.

Even More Symbolic Meaning

The owl is a nocturnal bird and with its good vision it is also called the night eagle. This animal is also said to symbolize the darkness within: the place where people keep their secrets. In addition, it is said to depict the magic of the moon and freedom. You might associate an owl with quiet movements and the ability to see through masks. Owls are messengers of omens. They could move between the invisible, the dark world and the world of light. Nevertheless, the owl in general, with all its special properties, remains a symbol for wisdom and the search for knowledge.

Fairtrade Wooden Figurines

Fairtrade stands for exactly that: fair trade. This means that producers in developing countries receive a fair price for their products. The working conditions are also humane. This means that no child labor is involved, they do not work extremely long working days and that attention is paid to as many environmentally friendly production processes as possible. The work area is also very clean. The producer considers it important to work as transparently as possible. During production, every effort is made to use as few chemicals or other toxic substances as possible. In this way they try to contribute to the well-being of the environment.

Wooden Owl Statues for Indoors

Spiru’s stone and polyester statues could also be placed outside. In contrast to these images, the wooden owl is only suitable for indoor or outdoor use in a gazebo or other protective environment.

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