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Shiva Statues Online
Shiva is a Hindu god who symbolizes both creation and destruction. Because Hinduism is closely linked to Buddhism, you can find images of Shiva in both religions.

Lord Shiva, as he is called, is a primal force in the Hindu universe. Together with the other two forces, Vishnu and Brahma, he forms a fundamental trinity. Shiva is the destroyer of these three. He often wears a trident, an arrow or a lasso. On his forehead you will find the third eye of knowledge, also called the 7th chakra. Together with his wife Parvati, Shiva has two sons: Ganeshaand Skanda.

The most famous iconographic image of Shiva is the Nataraja, also known as Shiva Nataraj. In this image, Shiva is depicted in his role as innovator and creator. The name Nataraja means ‘the King of Dance.’ Shiva’s arms are spread out here and he holds a drum in his right hand. He uses this drum to produce the primal rhythm of creation.

At Spiru you will find different images of Shiva. We have a wide variety of the popular Nataraj statues, but you can also find a sitting Shiva. In addition, various materials, formats and price ranges have been used. Are you looking for an imposant statue to enrich the decoration of your Yoga school? Or do you want a small Shiva statue for your personal altar? At Spiru there are plenty of choices!

A Shiva statue is often purchased together with an image of his mythical son Ganesha Ganesha. Of course this famous elephant God can be found within our collection. If you know Shiva from Buddhism, then our Buddha statues Buddha statues may be a good choice for you! In short: Spiru provides you with the inspiration to decorate your interior interior!


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