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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Shiva Statue

Shiva is one of the most important gods in Hinduism. According to Hindu texts, he forms a trinity of cosmic force together with Brahma and Vishnu. The role of the god Shiva is said to be the bringing of change and destruction. Although Shiva’s essence is about birth and death, according to Hindus he has good intentions. After all, it is his job to ensure the overall well-being of all lives, for example by changing the seasons and thus preserving nature’s balance. Here you will find information to better understand the meaning of Lord Shiva!

Dancing Shiva Statue Meaning

One of the best known depictions of this Hindu hero is the Shiva Nataraja, Cosmic Dancer, or Dancing Shiva. These statues depict a dancing god Shiva surrounded by flames and holding a drum or damaru in his hand. While dancing, Shiva symbolizes the rhythm of nature. This god is said to possess great wisdom, because he is familiar with the cycle of life. Many brass dancing shiva statues often show him trampling an impish creature of sorts, which symbolizes Shiva’s triumph over ignorance. Many yogis and Hindus see Shiva Nataraja as the master of the sixth chakra, also called the third eye of insight.

Where to Place a Lord Shiva Statue

Wherever something new is being created, a brass Shiva statue is right at home. This can be an office, but also a practice space or hobby room. Even in the nursery, the cheerful Lord of Change can keep an eye on things. His presence is also appropriate in places where people experience transformations, such as in hospitals or other healthcare institutions. Of course, a god Shiva statue is a perfect addition to your altar, where he can inspire you to let go of the past and embark on new adventures!

More Shiva / Hindu God Statues at Spiru

Does such a brass Shiva statue appeal to you? Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati,  is also said to share many of his qualities. This elephant god makes moving and traveling pleasant for Hindus because he is believed to remove negative thoughts and obstacles. Ganesha Statues are therefore also an optimistic addition to your interior. Whether you’re looking for the perfect dancing Shiva statue for sale or another Hindu deity that inspires you, find your spiritual sculptures at Spiru!