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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Wooden Elephant Statue

At Spiru you will find all kinds of wooden statues in the webshop. You can choose from a wooden Buddha or wooden Yogi Man, but also from animals that each carry their own symbolism. Each wooden animal has a unique look because they are made of different types of wood and made by hand. Dark woods give the interior a rustic and warm look, while the lighter colors provide light and tranquility. The wooden elephant ornaments are suitable to remind you of the symbolism of your totem animal or to give as a beautiful symbolic gift.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese technique that ensures that positive energy (Chi) flows well through your home and that the flow is restored in places where it does not. This is usually done by rearranging furniture, adding colors and experimenting with shapes. Feng Shui is all about a total harmony of you with your environment. So you can feel at home, relax and recharge when you need to retreat.

Wooden Elephant Figurines for Good Feng Shui

Within the Feng Shui principles, natural materials are often used. The wooden element is associated with health, growth, and progress. Wood could also affect family happiness. You add this element to your home by using natural colors such as green and brown. You can do this in the form of flowers, plants, seagrass baskets or wooden furniture and decoration. Wood could ensure a good flow of energy in the room.

Totem Animals

Animals, according to the Shamans and Indiginous Americans, show us our hidden qualities and abilities. Sometimes you see an animal spontaneously in your garden, on the street, on television, or in your dreams. It may be that such an animal has a message for you. According to the Shamans and other traditional nature religions, you can learn something about your own life by studying the characteristics and behavior of these animals.

The Elephant as Totem Animal

The elephant symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, patience, strength and a good memory. In some stories, elephants were considered symbols of clouds. Some even saw the elephants as creators of clouds. Persons with the elephant as a totem animal could therefore also delve into the symbolism and meaning of clouds. Clouds are said to symbolize the dividing line between the formed world and the unformed world. They would correspond to Neptune, fertility, prophetic gifts and even the family and society, among other things. Clouds keep changing shape and the same could be true for people with an elephant as their power animal. Furthermore, visiting the elephant would give you the chance to fulfill wishes in your life if it is your totem animal. A wooden elephant could help with this too. Taking good care of the wooden elephant could remind you of your wisdom and primal power.

The Spiritual Meaning of The Tusks

The tusks are, of course, another prominent feature of elephants. Anyone with an elephant as a totem should also look into the spiritual meaning of their tusks. In addition to weaponry, the elephant uses its ivory teeth to dig up edible roots. In this way the animal is connected with things above the ground and in the earth. He would possess the knowledge of both the plants and their roots.

Meaning Elephant in Buddhism and Hinduism

In Buddhism, the elephant is sacred. The birth of Buddha is said to have been announced by a white elephant. It is also said that other pregnant women who conceive a great spiritual master (like Buddha) would see white elephants in their dreams. In Buddhism, the animal also symbolizes patience, goodness and love and the detachment of the bodhisattva. In Hinduism, the elephant represents sacred wisdom, royal dignity, wisdom and power. It would also symbolize immortality. It then makes complete sense that Ganesh, a deity associated with wisdom in Hinduism, is associated with the elephant. He is depicted with an elephant head. The traditional Hindu world imagery is that earth is carried on the backs of elephants.

Difference Asian and African Wooden Elephant

At first glance, the two elephant species look very similar. However, there are a number of recognizable differences between the two. For example, the African elephant is a lot bigger than the Asian elephant. It can grow to about four meters high, which is more than a meter larger than the Asian elephant. Furthermore, the Asian species has smaller ears closer to its head and smaller tusks. The ears of the Asian species are smaller, because it is less exposed to extreme heat and drought. The African elephant moves its ears back and forth to cool itself. Also, the African elephant has a more wrinkled and tough skin than the Asian elephant and there is a difference in color. The African elephant is often more brown or reddish in color, while the Asian elephant is more often gray in color. Their color and size isnā€™t easy to recognize with wooden elephant sculptures, but especially the external features of the ears and tusks could be distinguished in the images.

Fairtrade Wooden Elephant

Fairtrade stands for exactly that: fair trade. This means that producers in developing countries receive a fair price for their products. The working conditions are also humane. This means that no child labor is involved, they do not work extremely long working days and that attention is paid to keep the production processes as environmentaly friendly as possible. The work area is also very clean. The producer considers it important to work ethically and with transparency. During production, every effort is made to use as few chemicals or other toxic substances as possible. In this way they try to contribute to the well-being of the environment.

Wooden Elephants from Spiru

The wooden elephant is only suitable for indoor use. If you do want to put it outside, place it under a roof or in another protective environment. You will also find the wooden elephant at Spiru in different sizes. The wooden elephant is available in large sizes, but we also have smaller figurines and decorations.

More Like Wooden Elephant at Spiru

If you want to buy the wooden elephant, take a look at the other wooden animals, such as the Wooden Cat and the Wooden Owl. You have also come to the right place at Spiru for other products on which the elephant is depicted. Think of Massage Balls, Incense Burners, Lucky Pendants or Meditation Cushions. This way you always have this special animal with you. You will find plenty of symbolic decorations at Spiru!