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Buddha Statues

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A Buddha statue is an image of a ‘Buddha’, an ‘enlightened soul.’ The meaning of the word ‘Buddha’ is ‘the enlightened’ or ‘awakened’. There have been a number of Buddhas in history and therefore also different kinds of Buddhism. Throughout Asia the Buddha is worshipped, each time in a different form. In Buddhist symbolism, a Buddha usually stands for happiness, healing and love.

A Buddha is a beautiful gift to give away. With a Buddha you’ll send happiness and prosperity to the recipient, while at the same time strengthening your friendship. Did you know that it’s a myth that you can’t buy a Buddha for yourself? With the right intention, that is not a problem at all. If you simply enjoy the beautfy and positivity of the Buddha, you know it’s okay 🙂

Spiru has a large collection of Buddha statues (https://spiru.nl/categorie/home-living/beelden/boeddha-beelden/) that can be a great enrichment to the interior of your home. For example, we have Chinese happy Buddhas, but also Thai, Japanese and Shaolin Buddhas. At Spiru you’ll have a wide choice in different sizes, materials, shapes and price ranges. Do you want a handmade statue or a replica, a big or small one? Are you looking for a wooden, silver plated, brass or stone statue? At Spiru you can find all of them!

Are you looking for more spiritual statues? Take a look at our Shiva statues (https://spiru.nl/categorie/home-living/beelden/shiva-beelden/) or Ganesha statues (https://spiru.nl/categorie/home-living/beelden/ganesha-beelden/). Shiva is known as the destroyer and transformer. However, he is also a Supreme Being that creates and protects our universe. Ganesha is the elephant God of knowledge and wisdom. If you have a special relationship to higher entities such as angels, then also take a look at our beautiful Angel Statues (https://spiru.nl/categorie/home-living/beelden/engelen-beelden/).


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