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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Wooden Duck

Wooden Duck ornaments are decorative animal figurines made of polished, lacquered and painted wood. Keep them indoors or outdoors in a dry and sheltered place.

Fairtrade Wood Duck Sculpture

Spiru’s wooden duck figurines are manufactured in Indonesia according to Fairtrade principles. This means that the producers work under humane working conditions and receive a fair price. Also, as much attention as possible is paid to environmental friendliness during the manufacturing process. For example, the ducks consist of remnants, namely the roots of cut teak trees that usually remain unused. The eyes are also made of recycled glass. This creates a unique statue with a green history!

Spiritual Meaning of a Duck Statue

Ducks also carry spiritual significance as a species. In many cultures, this cheerful quack stands for:

  • instinct
  • to trust
  • consolation
  • emotional balance
  • fertility
  • protection
  • maternity

Also, the duck’s thick plumage symbolizes its capacity for self-preservation and self-care. The duck is therefore always warm, whatever he undertakes!

Duck Wood for Harmony in Home

A wooden duck lends itself well to a real Feng Shui interior. According to this Chinese interior art, it is important to use natural materials or objects that refer to elements, plants and animals. In this case, a handmade wooden duck is a bull’s eye. In addition, in Chinese philosophy, wood is the element of growth, and the duck symbolizes love and fidelity. A duck therefore fits perfectly in the nursery or in the living room of a couple of cheerful residents!

Wooden Animals Buy at Spiru

Whether you’re looking for painted wooden ducks with boots or a simple version without fuss, Spiru offers different types of winged friends. Moreover, not only wooden ducks are for sale in the shop, but also other animals such as a Wooden Cat, Wooden Elephant, or Wooden Owl, or Metal Birds. Whatever your favorite friend is from the animal kingdom, you can select natural decoration at Spiru!