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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Spiritual Statues

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Spiritual Statues

Spiritual Statues are images of saints, gods or goddesses. They are often made of silver, gemstone, brass, copper, or bronze. Other materials such as wood and natural stone are also used. Usually statues are carved, modeled, or cast.


Humans have been crafting spiritual images for centuries. Gods, goddesses, saints, and symbols are often familiar presences in our daily lives. In general, these images have a specific meaning. For example, a Buddha stands for happiness and prosperity, while a Ganesha statue symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. A spiritual image is therefore more than a decorative piece: it is an experience!

Materials & Types

Many people give spiritual statues with a beautiful message as gifts. This is often done on special occasions when a unique gift is especially meaningful. The handmade statues and figurines are very suitable for this.

We have statues in different sizes, materials and types. Perhaps youā€™d like small statues for your personal altar. Or maybe youā€™re looking for a majestic image for a yoga or meditation space. Small or large, the materials used give the sculptures an impressive appearance. Silver, gemstone, copper or bronze are beautiful and durable. As a result, the images remain beautiful, even if they have been in someone’s home for years.

Images from different spiritual traditions are available here. We have a large collection of Buddhist Statues or Hindu Statues. For example, choose from a Medicine Buddha or a Chinese Happy Buddha. Learn More About Buddhas from Around the World Here. In addition, the Shiva and Ganesha images are very popular. These are fun to combine as Shiva and Ganesha are related in Indian mythology. You can Learn More About the Elephant Headed Ganesha Here! But that’s not all, there are also beautiful Angel Statues. These can evoke an air of serenity.

Home & Living Products at Spiru

You buy an image for a lifetime. The symbolism and meaning are timeless. Don’t you also have the feeling of walking in a temple or old palace when you look at such a statue? At Spiru we know: inspiration knows no time. The images are an enrichment for any interior.

In addition to images, our Banners & Wall Hangings are also extremely popular. Are you looking for more authentic products for a magical interior? Then the Decoration & Ambiance Collection is for you. Also take a look at the Candles and Mood Lights. All items that should not be missing in the interior of a Zen full house!