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Spiritual Statues

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Spiritual statues are images made of saints, gods or goddesses. These are often made of different materials such as silver, gemstones, copper, bronze and yellow copper. Other materials that are frequently used are wood and (soap) stone. Usually statues are sculpted, carved or casted.

Meaning of Spiritual Statues

Statues are as old as mankind itself. Gods, goddesses, saints and symbols are still familiar presences in our daily lives. And each statue has its own characteristics. For example, Buddha brings you happiness and prosperity, while Ganesh promotes knowledge and wisdom. Thus, every saint, God or Goddess has specific qualities and evokes different types of energy. A spiritual statue is more than just a piece of decoration: it is an experience.

Materials & Types of Statues

At Spiru offers you statues in different shapes and sizes. Some of these are small and are perfect for a small altar, while others have a majestuous look that can be placed in a large Yoga or meditation room. Small or big, these statues are impressive due to the materials that have been used. Silver, gemstones, copper or bronze are rich materials that are highly sustainable.

Here you’ll find statues from different traditions all over the world. We have a grand collection of Buddha statues (https://spiru.nl/categorie/home-living/beelden/boeddha-beelden/) and Hindu statues. Different iconographic images are used. For instance, you can choose a medicine Buddha or a Chinese happy Buddha. Our Shiva (https://spiru.nl/categorie/home-living/beelden/shiva-beelden/) and Ganesha (https://spiru.nl/categorie/home-living/beelden/ganesha-beelden/) statues are very popular as well. Finally, our assortment contains beautiful Angel Statues (https://spiru.nl/categorie/home-living/beelden/engelen-beelden/). It doesn’t matter whether you’re spiritual or not, these statues will enrich the interior of your home!

Spiritual Statues at Spiru

Spiru sells magnificent spiritual statues. These are a great gift to give or receive. Each and every statue contains a deep and symbolic message, which makes for a unique gift during special occasions. Whatever you do, always be kind to you. You will benefit from buying a statue your whole life long. The symbolism and meanings are timeless. With an item like this in your house, it will feel like you are wandering around in an ancient temple or old palace. At Spiru we are convinced that inspiration knows no boundaries OR time. Did you know that you that at Spiru you can always opt for a free Buddha statue when you place an order? This is a gift from us to you!


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