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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Wooden Statues

At Spiru you will find a large collection of modern wooden figurines. The wooden statues in our webshop are made of different types of wood. This gives each statue a different look. Most of the statues and figurines are also made by hand under ethical working conditions. We call that fairtrade. So no child labor, no extremely long working days and attention to environmentally friendly production processes. These handmade wooden figurines are a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Unique Appearance in Every Interior

Wooden figurines give your home a beautiful and unique look, whether this is in the living room or another room in the house. As with the other spiritual statues, with a wooden statue you have a unique work of art. The statues are made of different types of wood, so that there is one that fits into any inerior. The dark varieties are suitable for a rustic look and for a warm, timeless living style. The light shades are again suitable for a light and calm look.

Wooden Figurines for Good Feng Shui

It’s important to design your living environment to feel comfortable and soothing for yourself. An environment where you don’t feel at home can be very frustrating. Feng Shui is all about total harmony between you and your environment. A good feng shui or total harmony creates relaxation and ensures that you can live pleasantly. You do this by, among other things, providing natural materials and pleasant light. For example, you can place wooden statues in places where you have no room for plants or where little sunlight comes in so that you still benefit from some soothing natural energy. This way you still ensure sufficient relaxation at home.

Fairtrade Wooden Figurines

Fairtrade stands for exactly that: fair trade. This means that producers in developing countries receive a fair price for their products. The working conditions are also humane. This means that no child labor is involved, they do not work extremely long working days and that attention is paid to as many environmentally friendly production processes as possible. The work area is also very clean. The producer considers it important to work as transparently as possible. During production, every effort is made to use as few chemicals or other toxic substances as possible. In this way they try to contribute to the well-being of the environment.

Wooden Buddha Statue

At Spiru you will also find the head of Buddha made of wood. Buddha Figurines symbolize Buddhist teachings and all refer to important Buddhist concepts such as compassion, detachment, and rebirth. These concepts are eternal truths for the Buddhists to which they can always rely. Buddha statues represent happiness and peace. The images can also have a special appearance for other people. Many people think that you cannot buy such an image for yourself. Although it is a beautiful gift to someone else, it is a myth that you should not buy one for yourself. What matters is that you do this with the right intention.

Wooden Statue Yogi Man

The Yogiman has its origins in Asian countries such as Indonesia and India. This figurine is also called Orang Malu, which literally means ‘modest person’ or ‘shy person’. It depicts an introverted, meditating man. In some countries this statue is called the “Weeping Buddha”: Buddha weeping for the sorrow of the world. The story of the Yogi man is that he was so ashamed of humanity that he chose a life of meditation in the posture in which he is still known. It is also said that he cries for the sorrow of the earth, yet deep in his heart he can be happy. He has found peace and happiness within himself.

More Symbolism in the Yogi Man

When you turn the front of this wooden statue towards you and look at it, you can see his smiling face: the hands are teeth, the head is his nose and the ears are the eyes. At the back of Yogiman you see the shape of a heart, which symbolizes life, energy and strength. On the side you see the shape of a fetus. This represents purity and new beginnings. The Yogiman also symbolizes the life cycle: there is no beginning and no end. It is also said about this statue that it keeps all evil at bay when its back is turned to the door. According to various legends, worries disappear and self-confidence is increased by regularly patting the back and treating the Yogiman well.

Wooden Figurines – Animals

At Spiru there are different types of wooden animal figurines and statues for sale. You can choose from different wooden animals, such as:

  • Wooden Cat
  • Wooden Elephant
  • Wooden Owl

Wooden Cat

The cat symbolizes adventure, mystery, independence and curiosity. When a cat is your totem animal or spirit animal, you may be encouraged to strike a balance between togetherness and independence. An image of a Wooden Cat could help you with this.

Wooden Elephant

A Wooden Elephant represents more than you think. The general meaning of the elephant is faithfulness, patience, wisdom, strength and good memory. In Hinduism, this animal is the symbol of sacred wisdom, royal dignity, wisdom and power. It would also represent immortality and the victory over death. It is not without reason that the cheerful god of wisdom from Hinduism is associated with the elephant: Ganesha even has an elephant head! The whole world is also carried by elephants according to Hindu belief. In Buddhism, the elephant is sacred because a white elephant is said to have announced the birth of Buddha. They also symbolize patience, goodness and love. Furthermore, this animal symbolizes the detachment of the boddhisattva.

Wooden Owl

The owl symbolizes clairvoyance, wisdom, and is also called the night eagle in some cultures. Not only does it have excellent night vision, the owl is also said to have exceptionally good hearing. This bird of prey would also be one of the few animals that could perceive the invisible. You can think of the deeper meaning of things and discovering hidden treasures in life. Owls fly silently through the dark, and into your life, where it could help you face certain challenges. The Wooden Owl would be a good purchase if this is your totem animal. He is adventurous, optimistic, and has a warm personality.

Wooden Statues for Children’s Room

The wooden figurines are also suitable for placing in the nursery. Especially the wooden figurines with a lighter type of wood radiate tranquility, which is of course very important for young children. The painted wooden animals are a fun, playful addition to the nursery.

Wooden Statues for Indoors

In contrast to, for example, stone, and polyester statues, Spiru’s wooden statues are especially suitable for indoor use. If you do want to place them outside, do so in a protected environment such as in a gazebo.

More like Wooden Figurines at Spiru

If you are interested in wooden figurines, then you have come to the right place at Spiru. We have plenty of decorative and spiritual sculptures to decorate your home. Wooden figurines are also a nice gift. For example the Buddha Statues are also a symbolic gift for good luck, you can read More About Their Meaning Here. There are also special statues representing Family or Friendship with which you can surprise the recipient with a meaningful gesture.