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Hindu God Statues

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Hindu God Statues

Hindu Gods Statues are representations of sacred figures from Hinduism. They are often based on descriptions from the (Rig) Veda or the Bhagavad Gita, sacred books for Hindus. Spiru is a great place to learn about the uses and types of Hindu god statues online.

Hindu Gods Statues’ Appearances

Brass statues of Hindu gods are often gracefully designed and usually include special attributes. These can be plants, but also animals, utensils, or magical instruments. Often the figures also make mudras, hand gestures that convey a spiritual message. Each figure expresses an important moment in the deityā€™s life or tells his/her creation myth.

Meaning of Popular Hindu Gods

Hindu images have meaning, especially for yogis and believers. Yet even non-religious people find inspiration in the stories behind the deities. These are the best known gods with their symbolic powers:

  • Shiva
  • Ganesha
  • Vishnu


Shiva the Destroyer, together with Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Protector, form a Hindu trinity. Together, according to the Vedas, they govern the eternal laws of creation, growth, and death. Shiva is seen as the creator of the universe who destroys what no longer works. According to the stories, he accomplishes this task while riding his bull Nandi through the cosmos. Shiva’s Third Eye Chakra is also said to be so sharp that Hindus pray to him as a way to gain insight into their own development.


Ganesha is the son of Shiva, and is often depicted in a seated position. Most Hindus believe that this elephant-headed god is a symbol of wisdom. For example, Ganesha is believed by many to know which choices are good for you. In daily life he is therefore consulted when undertaking travel, relocations, and job applications. For new adventures, Ganesha is believed to help ensure a pleasant journey!


Vishnu is believed to be the protector of the cosmos. He makes sure that everything grows, blooms, and is happy. Together with his wife Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty, he flies through the world on an eagle. Vishnu usually has four arms in which he holds a shell, flower, writing and club.

Where to Place Hindu Gods Statues

Most Hindus worship their gods and goddesses daily. That is why there are figures throughout the house, each in a place that best suits the deity. You can buy Hindu god statues for just about any spot in your house! For example, Ganesha would be a typical god for the entrance or at the front door. According to Hindus, he welcomes people and wishes them a good journey on departure. The creative Shiva would be best suited in places where work is done. The Shiva Nataraja or Cosmic Dancer is especially at home in music rooms or other playful spaces.

Hindu Gods Statues from Spiru

If you want to buy Hindu god statues online, you will find an extensive range of Eastern religious figures at Spiru. Of course you can buy a Shiva Statue or Ganesha Statue here, but also figures of Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Moreover, there are bronze Hindu god statues for sale, but also versions of polystone, wood or gemstone. Whatever divine inspiration you’re looking for, Spiru has it!