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Small Buddha Statues

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Small Buddha Statues

For many people, the mini buddha figurine’s meaning lies with its function as a small reminder of pleasure and happiness in life. Their smiling faces and exuberant expressions will not allow their joy to pass you by unnoticed. These Buddha statues may be small, but they have big intentions!

Different Types Of Mini Buddhas

A small Buddha statue is of course charming to have in your home. They are also popular to give away as gifts. But what are the differences between the different tiny Buddha statues? You can buy the Mini Buddha in the following variants:

  • Japanese Buddha
  • Tara Buddha
  • Happy Buddha

Japanese Mini Buddha

The Japanese Buddha is also called Amida Buddha. It is a representation of Amitabha which is a big part of Mahayana, Vajrayana, and Pure Land Buddhism. According to the stories, he has lived many different lives, for example, as a monk Dharmakara. In the end, like Gautama Buddha, he is believed to have experienced his spiritual awakening. Many people choose the Japanese Mini Buddha, because it represents the gift of the Infinite Light and Life. He is also seen as one of the five Dhyana Buddhas who portray qualities of the historical Buddha. You can recognize this mini Buddha by the long earlobes, closed eyes and sitting meditation position. He often sits on a lotus leaf. His right hand is usually in his left hand in his lap. or one of his hands is raised.

Tara Mini Buddha

The Tara Buddha often has seven eyes. She holds a lotus flower. Tara Buddha is very important in Buddhism. She symbolizes peace, enlightening wisdom, and compassion. ‘Tara’ roughly can be interpreted as meaning ‘she who brings liberation.’According to supporters, she has twenty-one apparitions, of which the White and Green are the most famous. White Tara is the symbol of inner silence, healing and longevity. The green appearance has a more active energy and could therefore help with decisiveness and intuition. In Tibet she is known as the mother of all beings and you could invoke her with a special Mandala or by chanting the mantra ‘Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soham’. She is often called upon during a challenge or change such as a new workplace, relocation, or pregnancy.

Happy Mini Buddha

With a small Laughing Buddha you bring happiness into your home. The Happy Buddha can be recognized by its round belly, bald head, and large earlobes. The eyes are usually closed, which represents meditation. This smiling mini Buddha is also said to bring success, prosperity and happiness wherever he goes! Originally this variant comes from China, where it is also known as Pu-Ta-Ho-Sang or the Budai. In Japan they call him Hotei. In the Netherlands we also call him fat-bellied Buddha. The story goes that this cheerful little man was a monk who traveled through China as an itinerant Zen master to preach the Buddhist faith. Besides generosity, the Monk also brought joy. After his death he was mainly seen as the bringer of prosperity and good fortune.Bring this cheerful guy into your home, or put one in the garden. By placing a laughing “Buddha” in your front yard, you would convey to visitors and passers by a positive attitude towards life and show that you also wish others happiness. It is important that the figurine faces a door or entrance. In this way the bulbous Buddhist monk would be able to give everyone a warm and pleasant welcome.

Different Kinds of Mini Smiling Buddhas

These little merrymakers are often available in sets in various poses from 5 – 7 cm high. They are often variants of the happy Buddha who traditionally carries a gold nugget, travel bag, Mala, or lucky coins. These symbols stand for a carefree life and inner wisdom.

Buddha Statue and Gift Giving

If you want to buy small Buddha ornaments to give away, think of a nice packaging to really emphasize the gesture. Just like Lucky Dolls, such a Spiritual Gift is about the thought and care that they show. You can buy a small Buddha as a promotional gift, a handout gift, or as a small lucky charm. Put it in a matching gift bag. This really makes a nice bundle! Incidentally, it is a myth that you are not allowed to buy such a figure yourself. Sometimes it’s OK to treat yourself to the gift of cheerfulness!

Small and Big Buddhas at Spiru

At Spiru you will find, in addition to mini Buddhas such as the Happy Buddha and childlike Shaolin Monks, also larger Thai Buddha Statues or a Buddha Head for indoors. Even a Japanese Buddha and Tara Buddha are patiently waiting for you in our webshop, complete with traditional hand gestures such as the dharmachakra mudra. Or how about a reclining Gautama Buddha waiting for enlightenment? From a small gold buddha statue to a large Buddha head you’ll find something ideal for your altar or meditation spot!

More Cheerful Items Like the Mini Buddha

The mini Buddha is mainly bought to give away as a gift. Are you looking for more little happy makers like the Mini Buddha? Take a look at our extensive range of Incense. Small in price, and something for everyone’s taste! How about a Gemstone Gift? Choose a gemstone that suits the recipient or opt for a Birthstone Pendant. Then you can hardly go wrong! Do you want to bring happiness and prosperity to the recipient? Then you are in the right place with our Lucky Charms department. You will find a spiritual gift at Spiru!