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Happy Buddha

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A happy Buddha statue or lucky Buddha is a holy statue of a bald man with a cheerful smile and a big belly. The figurine is inspired by the well-known zen-master Poe-Tai Ho-Shang. This monk was not an enlightened soul, but he was very important in spreading the Buddhist doctrine. During his lifetime, Poe-Tai Ho-Shang traveled through China without any possessions, carefree and happy with what he encountered on his journey. After his passing, he was honoured as folk hero and fertility god and thus the happy buddha came to symbolise cheerfulness and a carefree life. Now you know why you should buy a happy Buddha statue!

How to Recognise a Happy Buddha Statue

For many people, the laughing Buddha brings luck. Not only because he is optimistic, but also because he wears certain symbols. The most common symbols of prosperity are:

  • Long earlobes and a big belly
  • Money and gold
  • Lotus and Prayer chain
  • ChildrenĀ 

Long Earlobes and a Big Belly

Chinese Buddhas are often chubby with a distinctive belly. That belly is not just there because it looks cozy, but it indicates that he is wealthy. To many Chinese people, the big belly of the laughing Buddha represents prosperity. Furthermore, the long earlobes indicate that he is from aristocratic descent.

Money and Gold

Happy Buddha often holds bars of gold and pouches of money. The Chinese lucky coins with a square hole are classic; they are the same coins with which you can consult the I Tjing oracle.

Lotus and Prayer Chain

Happy Buddha often wears a Mala or prayer chain as a token of wisdom. According to stories, the beads are made of pearls that represent purity and beauty. Happy Buddha also sometimes sits on a holy Lotus, which represents the same innocent knowledge.


This holy, cheerful man is often surrounded by children. Children are well-known symbols for fertility, creativity and fun.

Where to Place your Happy Buddha Statue

A happy Buddha figurine brings joy, wherever you place it! Peacefully seated with his hand on his knee, this big guy smiles to everyone. The happy Buddha is lovely as decoration in every room of the house. You could place a happy Buddha with his face to the door, so he could welcome anyone who enters and wish them luck.

How a Happy Buddha Statue is Made

Firstly, the molds of the happy Buddha are filled with a mixture of stone powder and plant based resin. Before the mold is removed, the maker always leaves this pasta to dry for about 24 hours. One by one, the happy Buddhas are carefully polished by hand. Once the raw parts are gone, the figurine is filed. After polishing and filing, the Buddha will be submerged in a paint bath, after which the finishing touch is added with a paint brush. Once the statues are dry, they will be buffed and brushed. When all that is done, the statues are ready to be shipped off to their new owners!

Material Used for the Happy Buddha

Most happy Buddha statues are made of polystone. This material consists of crushed stone like granite, marble or soapstone, mixed with a liquid resin. The result is a liquid mixture that can be poured into the rubber mold. After the production process, a beautiful, strong and sturdy polystone statue is created. Polystone has a beautiful and smooth finish, which makes the statues suitable for indoors and outdoors. These statues are therefore often used as decoration and garden statues.

Inspiring Buddhas at Spiru

Spiru has a vast collection of spiritual figurines in several sizes, within different price ranges and in all kinds of different colours. From mini Buddha, Japanese Buddha and Tara Buddha to Thai Buddha and statues from 5 to 40 centimeters high. And let us not forget about the Shaolin Monks! At Spiru, you are sure to find a statue that will smile at you everyday!