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Birthday Buddha Buy

A birthday Buddha is not one kind of Buddha: there are seven. For each day of the week there is an ornate Buddha statue with its own name and meaning. The figurines are distinguished by each holding a different asana (posture).

The Meaning of the Buddha’s Birthday Images

In Theravada Buddhism, great importance is attached to someone’s day of birth. According to the meaning of Buddha’s birthday, the statues would offer special protection against disaster, but the statue would also bring prosperity and good luck. Therefore, every Theravada Buddhist knows the day of the week on which he/she was born, with the associated day-Buddha. In fact, just as many Westerners know their associated zodiac sign.

This Buddha Belongs to Your Birthday

Now of course the question is: which Buddha belongs to my birthday? For starters, you’ll need to know what day of the week you were born on, but luckily that’s pretty easy to find out. Found it? Then below you will find every day Buddha with appropriate meaning, color and even characteristics.

Birthday Buddha Monday

Were you born on Monday? Then meet your day Buddha called Pang Ham Yath, also known as the Buddha of protection. You can recognize this Buddha by his standing position, pointing the right palm outward and the left arm hanging by his side.

Characteristics: According to tradition, the Monday people are said to have a good memory, to face life with seriousness and sincerity, and to relax they prefer to travel.

Color of meaning: yellow.

Birthday Buddha Tuesday

Tuesday belongs to the Buddha of truth and tranquility, namely Pang Sai Yas. This Buddha is quite easy to recognize, because it is the only Buddha in a reclining asana. He supports his head with his right arm.

Traits: The people born on Tuesday are said to have a broad interest in others. Other character traits are serious, active and brave.

Color of meaning: pink

Birthday Buddha Wednesday

Wednesday is the day of the Buddha of humility, called Pang Um Baatr. This image can be recognized by the alms bowl that the Buddha clasps with both hands

Characteristics: The Wednesday people are a devoted people who like to work hard. In addition, honesty would play an important role.

Color of meaning: green.

Birthday Buddha Thursday

Pang Samah Thin is the Buddha for you if you were born on Thursday. He is also known as the Buddha of inner peace. This Buddha is sitting in a meditation position on a kind of altar.

Traits: People born on Thursday are said to have good hearts. This gives them extra appreciation for honesty and gratitude. Rest is the keyword for Thursday.

Color of meaning: orange.

Birthday Buddha Friday

The Buddha for communication belongs to Friday. This is also called Pang Ram Pueng and you can recognize it by its crossed hands on the chest: left over right.

Traits: If you were born on Friday, forgiveness would be part of your character according to this tradition. Sociability and fun are important to you, but you could also be very ambitious.

Color of meaning: blue.

Birthday Buddha Saturday

Were you born on Saturday? Then the Buddha of wisdom, Pang Naga Prok, belongs to your birthday. Recognizable by a seated meditation posture and the Mucalinda cobra hood behind him. This may look like a beautiful flower, but are actually seven snakes that protect the Buddha.

Traits: Saturday people would like to keep to themselves in order to quietly derive wisdom from their way of logical thinking. Protection and happiness is what the Buddha could bring you.

Color of meaning: purple.

Birthday Buddha Sunday

For Theravada Buddhists, the week begins on Sunday and includes the Buddha’s birthday image of freedom, called Pang Tawai Natra. This one is recognizable by his standing asana with hands crossed on his stomach.

Traits: If you were born on Saturday, you would live quite carefree and have a wise character. Among other things, this free way of life makes you loved by friends and family.

Color of meaning: red.

Set up an Altar for Your Birthday Statue at Spiru

You could set up an altar to honor your birthday image. Be the first to put your Buddha in the spotlight with Lotus Atmospheric LightsĀ or Chakra Atmospheric Lights in the color that corresponds to your birthday. Incense sticks in, for example, one of these beautiful Incense Towers made of wood are also indispensable in Buddhism. As icing on the cake you can choose one of the beautiful Singing Bowls for an atmospheric tune šŸ™‚