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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Buying Japanese Buddha

The Japanese Buddha is a depiction of Amitabha, also called Amida Buddha. This enlightened soul plays an important part in Mahayana, Vajrayana and Pure Land Buddhism. Amitabha is believed to have lived many different lives, for example as monk Dharmakara, to eventually achieve spiritual awakening just like Gautama Buddha. Many people consider this Japanese Buddha to be the bearer of the Infinite Light and Life. Additionally, this Buddha is seen as one of the five Dhyana Buddhas, who depict qualities of the historical Buddha. 

This is how you Recognise the Japanese Buddha Statue

Japanese Buddha figurines are recognisable by the often closed eyes, long earlobes and the seated meditation posture on a lotus leaf. Amitabha’s hands often rest in his lap in the so-called dhyana mudra, where the right hand rests in the left hand. The raised hand, or the abhaya mudra, is another gesture that is often depicted; it represents courage. A gesture that is a little less common is the dharmachakra mudra, where the Buddhist doctrine is depicted by making a circle with the fingers of both hands. 

Buying a Japanese Buddha for your Home

A Japanese Buddha is for everyone. It is not just a lovely gift, but you also deserve the serene energy of a Japanese Buddha around you. This simple Buddha is very suitable for spaces where concentration and meditation are needed. Therefore, placing your Buddha in your office or on an altar is a very good idea. 

Variety of Buddhas at Spiru!

In addition to Japanese Buddhas, Spiru sells statues from other Buddhist movements. For example, let yourself be welcomed by Pu Tai Ho Shang, the laughing Buddha with the big belly and long earlobes. This happy Buddha is from Chinese origin and is also available as mini Buddha. Thai Buddhas are also available on our website, and so are Tara Buddhas. When it comes to spiritual statues, Spiru has got you covered!