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Buying Thai Buddha

At Spiru, you can buy Thai Buddha statues that are inspired by the holy Gautama Buddha. From 450 BC until 370 BC, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha lived in Nepal according to the Buddhist traditions. Modern scholars believe that he lived from 480-400 BC. Buddha is considered the founder of Buddhism and, according to stories, he found absolute enlightenment through meditation. 

The Meaning of his Name

Gautama Buddha is also called Sakyamuni Buddha. However, he was born as Siddhartha Gautama. ‘Siddhartha’ means ‘whose goal is accomplished’ or ‘whose every wish is fulfilled’. However, most people call him Buddha, which means ‘he who is enlightened’. The title ‘Buddha’ is given to someone who has reached enlightenment without any help.   

This is what Thai Buddhas Look Like

Buddha statues from Thailand are often made from several materials. For example, the head and slim hands are gold-coloured while the clothes are colourful. Sometimes crystals are added for decoration. Additionally, Thai Buddha often has a knot in the shape of a small flame. This hairstyle belongs to the well-known Sukhothai Buddha from the theravada tradition. Furthermore, Thai Buddha is often recognisable by its long earlobes. 

Thai Buddha Meaning 

For Buddhists, both the posture and hand gesture of the Thai Buddha have meaning. 

Postures of Thai Buddha Statues

You are probably already familiar with the holy seated meditation posture, since this is the most well-known one. Did you know that there are also other postures, such as lying down Buddha or a Thai Buddha standing? According to Thai tradition, the Thai Buddha resting on the ground represents Gautama’s approaching enlightenment or awakening; in this posture, he is believed to be so at peace that nirvana is within reach. The upright variant often shows Buddha in prayer, which represents a mudra of courage.   

Hand Gestures of Thai Wisdom

The dhyana mudra is a position where the right hand rests on the left hand and the thumbs of both hands touch each other as a symbol of wisdom. Furthermore, the dharmachakra mudra, too, has to do with knowledge and wisdom; Buddha makes some kind of circle with his thumb and index fingers to depict the Buddhist doctrine. Abhaya mudras are recognisable by the palm of the hand that is put upward and outward with which Gautama expresses courage. Furthermore, the bhumisparsa or ‘touching of the earth’ is depicted very often in Thai statues; one hand is turned towards the ground to ask her to be a witness of the enlightenment. 

Buying Well-known Buddha Statues at Spiru 

Are you interested in expanding your Buddha statue collection? At Spiru, you can buy all sorts of Buddha statues: Japanese Buddha, Tara Buddha, mini Buddha and happy Buddha. The happy Buddha is also called the Chinese Buddha or laughing Buddha. These statues are available in different sizes; we have tiny statues, but also those that are 22 to 27 cm high. When it comes to spiritual statues, Spiru has got you covered!