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Tara Buddha

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Tara Buddha is an important Goddess in Buddhism and represents compassion, peace and enlightening wisdom. The name ‘Tara’ means ‘star’, ‘saviour’ or ‘she who brings liberation’. According to believers, she has 21 shapes, among which a white and green appearance. For the Tibetan people, the Tara Buddha has meaning as mother of all creatures that you can call on with a special Mandala or the mantra Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soham.

History of Tara

According to Buddhist legend, Tara originates from the tears of a wise soul, the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara or Chenrezig. His compassion was so big that a lake of grief was created where a beautiful lotus was growing. This was Tara, who later became his wife. During one of her lifetimes, Tara promised that she would always reincarnate as a woman, so that not only men would be able to achieve enlightenment. Very feminist!

What Tara Buddha Looks Like

The Buddha Tara is mostly portrayed with seven eyes that are positioned on her head, hands and feet. Furthermore, she carries a lotus flower, which is a symbol for wisdom. The White Tara sits on the throne, like a pious queen, while the Green Tara Buddha is a dynamic, young woman who is prepared to come to the rescue any second.

The Difference between White Tara and Green Tara

White Tara is honoured by many people as bodhisattva of inner silence, medicine and long life. Her green appearance has a more dynamic and active energy, and is believed to be able to aid in matters that require more intuition and vigor. People often call on Tara when challenges such as moving house, pregnancy or a new job present themselves. 

Tara and Other Spiritual Statues at Spiru

Are you interested in buying a Tara Buddha statue? Spiru has got you covered! Are you looking for other inspiration? In addition to the Tara Buddha, we have the Amitabha or Japanese Buddha and the Pu To Hai Shan, also known as happy Buddha or mini Buddha. Furthermore, Thai Buddha statues are also available at Spiru! Spiru is the place to buy your religious statues!