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Lava Stone

Lava Stone is a form of Basalt, which is a volcanic igneous rock. According to experts, these somewhat rough-looking stones actually have a very gentle effect on a spiritual level. This could be due to the way in which this type of stone is created by the elements fire and earth. Besides spiritual effect, there are many special Lava Stone properties and purposes for which you can use it. In that sense, it is a very versatile stone that really stands out among the thousands of gemstones and minerals out there.

How to Recognize Lava Stone Crystals

Lava Stone can be recognized by its porous structure. The stone is often dark gray or black in color, but can also be red or brown. Holes or pores are always on the surface of the Lava Stone, meaning that they are difficult to polish. This special structure and the fact that each Lava Stone has a different composition makes them so remarkable and unique.

Lava Stone Forms at High Temperatures

The name gives it away of course, but Lava Stone is actually liquid stone that has hardened. We know this liquid form under the terms lava or magma, which arises after a volcanic eruption with temperatures of around 5000 degrees Celsius. The pores in the stone are the result of gas formation, or small gas bubbles that give Lava Stone gemstones this special structure. When lava cools and solidifies, this spiritual stone is created! For more information read out Blog How Crystals Are Formed.

These are Sites of Igneous Rocks

One thing is of course certain and that is that Lava Stones come from areas where volcanoes, active, dormant, or extinct, are found. Because of this, igneous rocks such as Lava Stone, form all over the world; from Europe to South America to Asia. Well-known Lava Stone sites are Iceland, Italy, Germany, and the Canary Islands.

Meaning of Lava Stone

Several spiritual meanings could be given to lava rock. The term “lava” is said to be derived from the Latin word “labes,” meaning to slide. The Lava Stone effect can be linked to this, because on a spiritual level this stone mainly has to do with your perseverance. It would increase your personal strength, but gradually while maintaining your balance. You could say “slowly shifting your energy”; just like magma moves slowly until it cools and turns into a sturdy Lava Stone.

Lava Stone on a Spiritual Level

Although Lava Stones are used for many purposes, they are known as very spiritual stones. Lava Stone would be the ideal tool for (highly) sensitive people who need some fire and power now and then, or on the other hand, just want to tone it down a bit if they have too much fire in them. It can help balance all that power and pressure building up, just like a volcano. According to enthusiasts, this is the result of the following lava stone benefits for body, mind, and soul:

  • The stone would make one energetic and steadfast.
  • It would give courage and willpower.
  • The perseverance that the stone stirs would prompt action.
  • It would have a grounding effect. Perfect for when you want to meditate, for example.
  • Lava Stone could also dissipate excess energy, creating more balance.

Spiritual Practices and Lava Stone

Lava Stone properties would suit a number of spiritual disciplines, such as the Chakras, the Zodiac Elements, Zodiac Signs, or Reiki. For example, you could use the stone when you are also concerned with, for example, keeping a chakra in balance. Below you will find to which parts of these disciplines the stone fits.

1st Base Chakra

Lava stones would fit perfectly with the 1st chakra, or the root chakra. The 1st chakra has to do with your self-confidence and your confidence in life. The grounding effect that lava rock would have fits in perfectly with this. You could carry Lava Pocket Stones with you, or Chakra Jewelry that is combined with this gemstone type. For example, if you meditate, the effect of the stone can help you get closer to your roots. Read more about Your Chakras Here.

Earth and Fire

Another important discipline that the lava rock would have to do with are the five natural elements. Lava is naturally created in the depths by high temperatures of fire and when it rises to the surface of the earth, it cools again. That is why it is said that the type of stone unites the energy of fire and the earth. The earthly energy would temper the fire somewhat so that it remains in balance. In humans you can see fire as the willpower that is soothed by the earth when excess energy becomes a burden. These elements are also very power in combination with their associated zodiac signs. Find out more about Zodiac Elements Here.

Star Signs

As a last discipline we have the constellations. Many stone types can be linked to one of the horoscopes. Many people value the meaning of his/her horoscope. You can therefore link a gemstone to your zodiac sign and use it as, among other things, a reminder of your personality and qualities. Lava rock belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus, zodiac sign Virgo and zodiac sign Capricorn. By knowing which stone types suit your horoscope, you can, for example, Make Your Own piece of jewelry from Gemstone Beads. So you always have something with you to remind you of what the stars have to say about you!


Reiki is a practice for healing your energy. It is believed that Reiki helps you to clear your energy channels and tap into your inner strength which allows for self healing. Because Lava Stone is soothing and helps to dissipate negative energy, it can be a great stone to use during a Reiki massage. It is also believed to strengthen your connection to the earth’s life energy, which can be beneficial for Reiki. Read More About Reiki as a Soothing Energy Treatment in our Blog.

Buy Lava Stone Products

Lava Stones are used in all kinds of products. In jewelry you will find them in Beaded Bracelets, as Silver Earrings, Polished Pendants, and Men’s Necklaces. Jewelry with Lava Stone is also sometimes combined with spiritual symbols. In our range you will therefore find, for example, a Viking Bracelet, and a Tree of Life Bracelet with this type of stone. Of course you can also make your own accessory with Lava Gemstone Beads. But the range of lava stones does not stop at jewelry, because you can also find them in loose Rough Gemstones, Gemstone Statues, and even in Natural Skin Care. Now you may be thinking “skin care?”. Yes, you can also use lava stones for multiple purposes, such as caring for your skin. You can read more about that below!

Even More Lava Stone Uses

Lava stone can be used for more than just a beautiful spiritual stone to look at or to carry with you. Did you know that this type of stone works perfectly as an aroma diffuser? Drop some Fragrance Oil or some of your favorite Essential Oils on the stone and it will spread the scents all over the room! Lava stone is also part of the range of Natural Care Products. You can take care of your skin with it by using the stone as a scrub stone to remove dead skin cells.

Caring for Lava Stone

Taking care of igneous rocks is actually very simple. It can be cleaned and charged in all ways. Curious about the possibilities? Then read the blog Basic Tips for Crystal Care. If you feel like your Lava Stone needs a bit of a recharge then check out our Blog Charging Crystals.

Order Lava Stone and more Special Stones!

Gemstones that arise from lava are also called basalt stones. You will find these types of igneous rocks at Spiru such as Gua Sha Massage Scrapers, Hot Stones and Worry Stones. Due to the caring properties of these types of stone, they are widely used in Hot Stones Massage and Gua Sha Massage, among other forms of self-care. The gemstone type Obsidian, also called volcanic glass, is also a volcanic rock and is created by very quickly solidified lava. Due to the smooth and glassy surface of obsidian, material is often used for, for example, Yoni Eggs. You will find gemstones for physical and spiritual care at Spiru!