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Mosquito Incense and Other Aromatic Tips Against Pests

By Maggie 7 December 2022
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Mosquito repellent incense not only repels flying pests, but also mice, ants, and mites avoid it. Here you can discover which fragrances work best!

hanging brass incense burner on wood with orchids

Do you want to keep mosquitoes and other unwanted visitors away, but in an animal-friendly way? Then using aroma might be something for you! Here you will find the most common:

  • Incense against mosquitoes and wasps
  • Fragrances against flies and moths
  • Anti Mice, Mites, and Ants Aromas

Does Frankincense Help Against Mosquitoes?

Scientific studies prove that what attracts a normal mosquito most is your body odor. Your personal pungency comes from the composition of your blood, which is why some people try to spread the scent of garlic in the summer by putting an extra clove in their dinner. Taking vitamin B is also popular for this reason, it makes your scent less attractive to mosquitos. Deceiving mosquitoes with aromas therefore seems logical if you do not want to be stung. It is just not entirely clear which scent works well. So time to put it to the test!

Try These Mosquito Incense Products

You can try to repel mosquitoes with various aroma products, such as

  • Mosquitoes Incense Herbs
  • Incense Sticks or Cones
  • Palo Santo

Each type is easy and convenient in its own way. You can add loose herbs and Palo Santo shreds to the fire pit or the after-glow of the barbecue in the summer, for example. If you want to use these types in an incense holder, you need a sieve incense burner or metal version with charcoal briquettes. You can easily stick sticks in a border, lawn or planter while enjoying the summer evening and try placing cones on an Abalone Shell, plate, or terracotta dish with sand.

wooden box incense holder and burner

Anti Mosquito Incense Aromas

Below you will find popular aromas against mosquitoes, of which citronella incense is the best known. Do you want to use loose herbs (dried for use) as incense? Consider making an Anti Mosquito Smudge Stick with the options below or use them in a homemade Scented Candle! You could discourage mosquitoes with:

  • Citrus scents such as Citronella, Lemon Balm, Lemon Thyme, or Lemongrass
  • Menthol fragrances such as Mint, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus
  • Floral scents such as Rose and Lavender
  • Pine scent or Cedar
  • Common Sage
  • Marigold
  • Catnip
  • Clove
  • Ginger

Choose Incense by Fragrance

Palo Santo as Mosquito Incense

According to many people, Burning Palo Santo would help to keep mosquitoes at bay. You can light whole sticks for this or smolder Palo Santo chips. In addition, according to users, there is a cozy benefit to the scent of sacred wood. Do you know what this incense can also help against? Mopey pets! Palo Santo would not only repel insects, but also put your loyal companion in the best mood. So if you want to snuggle with your cat or dog, light a stick. Two birds with one stone!

palo santo sticks white flowers and singing bowl

Which Incense To Use Against Wasps?

Which incense keeps wasps away? Wasps love a nice sweet smell, while they avoid heavy or spicy aromas. So ignore your favorite colorful incense here and go for strong variants such as Clove Incense or the intense scent of real Frankincense. Deep scents such as mint and sage are also said to have this effect. Do you also want to be able to breathe yourself? According to the makers, Tibetan incense sticks do not contain synthetic fragrances, but only pure resins and oils. These pure plant essences therefore not only smell powerful, but are also said to be healthy to inhale!

Check Out Our Tibetan Incense

Incense Against Flies and Moths

Like mosquitoes, moths would have little interest in Holy Wood. Palo Santo also comes in handy here! In addition, according to experts, camphor, cedar wood, and Patchouli Incense ensure that they do not sink their teeth into your textiles. So regularly light a stick in the room where your wardrobe is or where laundry is dried. Would you rather not burn anything where you keep your clothes? A safer option is to hang bags of wood chips, scented cones or incense herbs with your textiles. According to experts, typical fly incense is comparable to anti-wasp aroma. So here too, powerful sage and basil incense are recommended, just like the intoxicating intensity of real French lavender. Flies don’t like strong smells, so that’s a good thing!

loose incense with palo santo

Incense against Mice, Mites, and Ants

Menthol scents make it clear to mice that they are not welcome. So if you had already brought mint or Eucalyptus Incense into your home against stinging mosquitoes, you can use it in different ways. Expand your anti-mice range especially with fresh bay leaves, which would also serve well against sneaky guests. According to experts, ants turn around as soon as they smell cinnamon. So put a smoldering stick of Cinnamon Incense at the door or crumble a cone in the cracks. Finally, with the now well-known Palo Santo stick you would discourage mites from settling permanently in your home. It’s worth trying!

Essential Oils Against Mosquitoes and Other Pests

If you don’t feel the need for smoke, you can also try essential oils. For example, vaporize it in an aroma burner or spray it mixed with water in places where you don’t want vermin. Useful tips are garden cushions, bedding and of course yourself!

Which tips will you try?

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