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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Incense Towers

A wooden tower incense burner is a container in which you can burn incense products. The column is decorated with vent holes and is placed over an upright incense cone or stick. This gracefully cut ventilation makes the tower both fireproof and decorative. The result? A rustic and ornamental pillar out of which smoke peacefully curls. It looks absolutely magical!

How to Use an Incense Tower

Incense Towers differ in design and are lit in different ways. With some holders you place the column over an already smoldering fragrance stick or cone. Matching notches in the bottom of the burner allow your incense to stand upright as you slide the tower over it. Other tower variants have a door in the side instead of two separate parts. When using these as an incense stick holder, towers with doors make it a little easier to open and close the burner. Burners with doors also contain handy notches for sticks and cones. This way they stay neat when you peek inside!

Incense Towers Decorated with Elephants

Incense stick towers often contain Buddhist and Hindu symbolism, especially the widely revered elephant. In many Asian traditions, these impressive animals symbolize wisdom, patience, luck and old age. According to myths, with their great memory and enormous life force, elephants are a metaphor for conquering death. Frankincense is also burned in many cultures to connect with ancestors and other spirit guides. The mighty elephant would like to lend a hand with that!

More Magic Incense Holders from Spiru

Do you like to make a whole ritual of your incense session? Then the hypnotic effect of an Incense Holder Waterfall may appeal to you. With these burners it seems as if the smoke flows downwards, like a serene babbling mountain stream! Censers also create a dramatic effect, perfect for ceremonies and other special moments. From a wooden incense tower to a metal or ceramic Loose Incense Burner, and from Incense Sticks to Cones and Backflow Incense, at Spiru you are guaranteed to find the perfect fragrant combination for your home!