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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Buying incense planks
Incense boards are holders for burning in incentive sticks. These holders are usually oblong with one or more holes in them for the smoking sticks. You put this one in upright or slightly oblique. The holder then collects the released ash while the odour rod is burning. This way everything remains fire safe and hygienic. And you can quietly enjoy your own ritual or smoking ceremony!

Spiru sells incense boards in different sizes, materials and designs. Of course we have traditional planks of wood in our assortment. There are also variations of sandstone, ceramics or soapstone. You’ll also find here beautiful holders of metal and brass.

If you are looking for a special symbol, such as a lotus, Ohm or the Boeddha? Or a magical pentagram, sun or moon for your wicca altar? We have in house
Burning and saving
On an incense board or a incense holder burn your incense sticks. That goes as follows. Place the stick with the wooden bottom in the holder. Light the stick near the scent material at the top. Blow out the flame so that the stick continues to smoke.

The easiest way to store incense sticks is to store them in a specially designed storage box. It contains an incense board inside and a space underneath to store the sticks. You can also often burn incense cones in it. Ideal!
eur and aroma at Spiru
At Spiru we would like to help you to tailor your environment to your preferences. That is why there is something for every nose. For example, we sell well-known brands such as HEM, Morning Star and Yoga. You can also find traditional Asian incenses with us, such as Tibetan and Japanese. Also medicinal Ayurvedic mixes and Chakra fragrances are available from us. Spiru sells inspiring fragrances for a magical atmosphere!


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