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HEM Incense

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HEM Incense

HEM Incense comes from Mumbai and Bangalore in India. The brand is known among fans for its floral scents and pure herbal aromas that are carefully hand rolled into incense cones and sticks. What also makes this incense special is the bamboo core of the incense sticks. This consists of small splinters, which subtly smolder during burning and therefore do not dominate the scent of the resin. So if you light a stick, you know that the aromas will be pure and lovely!

Popular HEM Incense Varieties

Incense from HEM is available in many varieties. Is it difficult to choose from this abundance? Below is a list of ten incense classics that the brand is best known for:

  • White Sage, could clean energy in the house
  • Palo Santo, popular wood fragrance with a spiritual association
  • Sandalwood, cozy and calming
  • Nag Champa, mix of frangipani and sandalwood
  • Vanilla, sweet and warming
  • Rose, romantic and hearty
  • Jasmine, deep and intoxicating
  • Myrrh, resin with meditative qualities
  • Opium, exotic and opulent
  • Musk, energetic and uplifting

How to Burn and Store HEM Incense

The easiest way to burn HEM Incense cones and sticks is in Incense Boxes. These have special niches for both shapes and a compartment for your stash so that the wonderful scent is preserved. Incense Towers are also suitable for both variants and also give a spectacular effect during burning. Did you pick HEM backflow cones? Then of course use an Incense Holder Waterfall. Find out more about these beautiful Backflow Burners Here.

HEM Incense at Spiru

If you want to buy HEM incense online, you can check out Spiru for the most current assortment. You will also find other brands such as Indian Satya Incense, Darshan Incense, Flute Incense, G.R. Frankincense, Goloka Incense, Green Tree Incense and the magical Spiritual Guide Incense. Varieties known for their pure scent such as Ayurveda Incense and Morning Star Incense are also available here.

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