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Meditation Cushions

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These days, meditation floor cushions are indispensable in yoga studios or meditation centres. Using a meditation cushion has many benefits, and comfort is by far the most important one. Comfort is very important because it is preferable to have little to no distractions during meditation. 

A good cushion ensures you are able to get into a swayback position. As a result, you sit up straight and your neck is an extension of your spine. Are you suffering from back pains or pelvic pains? In that case, a meditation cushion may help you find the right posture to relieve your pains.

These days, you could also use a meditation pouf, depending on your preference! A meditation cushion or pouf is a must have during meditation. 

Almost all of Spiru’s meditation cushions are filled with premium quality buckwheat husks, which makes them 100% natural and sustainable. In case you want to fill your meditation cushion with new buckwheat chaff, you will generally need about 2,5 kg. It is best to refill your ‘old’ meditation cushion from time to time, since that will keep them as good as new. With the handy buckwheat chaff refill bags at Spiru, you will be able to enjoy your cushion for a very long time!

Why a Meditation Cushion?

A meditation cushion ensures a comfortable position, which is very important during meditation. 

The more comfortable your position, the better your meditation will go. If you are not comfortable or get cramps and pain, you will be distracted more easily. This disturbs your meditation. 

A meditation cushion offers you the right support to perform a comfortable seated meditation. Because you are seated on the cushion with a straight back and spine, it is much easier to stay seated for a longer period of time.

Buying a Meditation Cushion?

When you want to buy a meditation cushion, there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to. Based on these couple of things, it will be easy to decide which cushion will provide you the most comfort.

Height of the Cushion

There are several variants and sizes available. The most standard variants have a height of 15 to 17 cm and are suitable for most yoga exercises and mediation sessions. If you are more flexible you could choose to buy a lower meditation cushion.

When you are tall and not really flexible, it might be wise to look at cushions that are a little higher. A high meditation cushion ensures that there is not too much tension put on your muscles. 

It is possible to somewhat change the height of your cushion. You can easily put some extra filling in the cushion so that you will be seated a little bit higher. Removing filling from your cushion is also possible; it ensures that you are seated lower and that the cushion is soft. 

Different Cushion Shapes

Everyone is different, which is why it is important to have your own personalised meditation cushion for optimal comfort. A meditation cushion is often round. However, there are also cushions that are rectangular or ones that are shaped like a half-moon. Which shape is most suitable for you?


A round meditation cushion is most commonly used. When you have a round meditation cushion, the buckwheat chaff can mold to your body. Additionally, your body is able to distribute pressure over the seat, which makes meditating pleasant. 

Did you know there are differences in height?

  • Low, round meditation cushion until 12 cm.
  • Traditional meditation cushion until 17 cm.
  • Extra high meditation cushion until 22 cm.

* Heights may differ a little because the filling sags. 


A meditation cushion that is shaped like a half-moon can provide more stability to the pelvis. Because the cushion has somewhat of a sloping side, it is easier to keep your back in a straight position. It is also possible to use the cushion as support for your knees or thighs. 

A half-moon cushion is also ideal as support during several yoga positions. 


In case you find the seat of a round meditation cushion a little too small, a rectangular meditation cushion is a good alternative. A rectangular cushion has a wider seat and thus you have more interface with the cushion. This allows you to even better distribute pressure over the cushion. 

A rectangular cushion can also be used during yoga, as yoga meditation cushion. In those cases, it often serves as back support. Thus, it is an alternative to a round yoga bolster. 


The material most often used to coat a meditation cushion is cotton. A cushion often consists of an inner and outer cover. The outer cover touches the ground, and maybe other people use the cushion as well. 

Therefore, when buying a meditation cushion, you should check if the cushion has a zipper. When the cushion has a zipper, it is possible to take off the outer cover and wash it. That is how you keep your meditation cushion fresh and clean!

The inner cover is often made of unbleached cotton. The inner cover keeps the filling together and makes it possible for you to easily take off the outer cover. 

Meditation Cushion with Buckwheat Filling

A cushion that is filled with buckwheat husks is often most pleasant for your posture in a seated position. The material molds to your body, so you can sit comfortably. Furthermore, a cushion with buckwheat filling is quite light in weight. Thus, you can easily carry it with you to a meditation or yoga centre. 

It is possible that the buckwheat is going to sag a little bit after some time. Therefore, it is possible to order a bag of buckwheat husks so you can fill up the cushion yourself. 


Always choose a cushion with a colour that speaks to you and makes you feel comfortable. If you do, you will be more motivated to use the cushion. The same goes for a meditation cushion symbol; choose one you like. For example, we have meditation cushions for sale with the Flower of Life, OHM and Chakra symbols. 

You can also use the colour to work on your chakras. For that purpose, we have special chakra meditation cushions. When you want to train a particular chakra, it may help to choose to sit on the right colour. 

Do you want to relax optimally during your meditation session? With a meditation eye cushion it will be very hard to open your eyes again.