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Spiritual Tapestry

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Banners and tapestries are meant to decorate the wall. In some places, a painting or poster would look very harsh, but a tapestry is woven and made of a soft fabric. They are produced manually or mechanically and adorned with all kinds of embellishments. Often, tapestries are made of cotton.

Handmade Cotton Tapestries from India

Our beautiful, high-quality, cotton tapestries are handmade in Jaipur, India. With the help of special sieves and stamps, different colours are added manually to the cloths, which are made of 100% cotton. The result is an authentic tapestry and a beautiful addition to your interior. Because the process is manual, impurities such as smudges, frayed ends or small differences in colour may occur. Every tapestry is unique!

Using Spiritual Tapestries

It is easy to decorate your home with a banner or tapestry, but a tapestry is more than just decoration. Some tapestries are considered to be spiritual. The detailed embellishments on such spiritual wall hangings are beautiful to behold. Often, they are used during all sorts of rituals, such as meditation or prayer. Furthermore, these tapestries often decorate the walls in yoga studios or meditation rooms. Tapestries are often secured to the wall with little nails, punaises or a fishing line. It is even possible to secure the tapestry to a slat on the wall. Additionally, tapestries improve the acoustics of a room and are therefore often used in empty or echoing rooms. 

Alternative Ways to Use a Cotton Tapestry 

A tapestry is not just meant to be something that only religious people can use. Increasingly more people choose to decorate their wall with a beautiful tapestry. It is a simple way to turn your boring, white wall into something special; a cotton tapestry is a unique addition to the interior. However, you can do more with a tapestry than hanging it on the wall; it can also be used as a:

  • Tablecloth 
  • Altar cloth
  • Beach towel
  • Bedspread
  • Picnic blanket
  • Meditation rug

The possibilities are endless. Additionally, there are many sizes, colours and prints to choose from.

Tapestry Spiritual and Feng Shui

As opposed to other wall decorations, such as posters, photo frames or paintings, the woven and cotton character of the tapestries makes for a unique look and soft appearance in every room. The natural and soft appearance of the tapestries improves the Feng Shui in a room. According to this ancient, Chinese philosophy, the interior of a house is essential for the flow of energy. At the top of the list of rules, it is stated how a messy room and useless possessions should be avoided. Furthermore, it is recommended to include as many natural products in your home as possible, since it is believed that these improve the Feng Shui; allegedly, they would make it easier to be in total balance with your surroundings. This can be achieved by bringing living creatures, such as plants, into your home, because they are important bearers of the Chi (life energy). You could also use products that are made of natural materials, such as wood or cotton.

Variety Tapestry Spiritual

The banners and tapestries are available in different versions; they can be rectangular, but also square or round, in large or small sizes. At Spiru, you can choose between the: 

  • Elephant tapestry
  • Bohemian tapestry
  • Rainbow tapestry
  • Flower tapestry
  • Angel tapestry

Elephant Tapestry

The elephant tapestry provides your home with important Feng Shui energy. The depiction of an elephant gives a protecting feeling of happiness, wisdom and fertility. Furthermore, the characteristics of the elephant are stressed; as a result, many people find strength, loyalty, patience, sensibility, honour and stability in this animal. In short: the elephant tapestry is a must have!

Bohemian Tapestry

A bohemian tapestry is very trendy. They create an exotic vibe in the living room or bedroom, but they also fit in interiors with a more modern or Scandinavian style. Braided or macramé tapestries fit well within this style, but tapestries in natural colours do as well.

Rainbow Tapestry

A rainbow tapestry, or multicolour tapestry, is decorated with bright colours. The colours of the rainbow are the same as those of the seven chakras, which is why these tapestries are often called chakra tapestries. Within this style, there are different prints available, such as the chakra symbols, ohm-signs or the lotus flower. The mandala prints are also popular.

Tapestry Flower Large

If you are looking for a flower tapestry, you are in the right place at Spiru. In our shop, you will find cheerful tapestries with beautifully coloured flowers, but we also have tapestries with prints of natural symbols, such as the tree of life or the flower of life.

Angel Tapestry

In Western religions, angels are very important. They are considered the messengers of God, as well as protectors. They are also seen as the link between you and the spiritual world. For many people, the angel tapestry is an important addition to their interior.

Mandala Tapestries

Literally translated, ‘mandala’ means ‘magic wheel’. Mandalas are symmetrical circles and are very important figures in the east. According to Eastern wisdom, these wheel-shaped symbols stand for inspiration and a connection to everything surrounding you. They are most commonly depicted on beautiful patterns and drawings and often used in traditions, rituals and meditations in Hinduism and Buddhism. The ancient symbol does not have a beginning or end, and thus it is believed that it makes you aware of the infinity of existence. It is believed that having a mandala tapestry in your home could possibly make a huge difference!

More Decoration & Ambiance at Spiru

We sell beautiful banners and tapestries. A tapestry is not just meant for spiritual people. A tapestry is for everyone who wishes to create a special vibe in their home, using beautiful colours and patterns. A tapestry is also the perfect background for a selfie! Let the creativity flow and think beyond the wall! Our Home & Living collection offers a lot of other decoration and ambience products. The products in our vast tapestry collection are sold a lot. The statues, ambience lighting and candles are also very popular. If you are looking for cozy home decoration, Spiru is the place to look!