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Buy chakra mood lights
Chakra mood lights help you to stimulate one or more chakras. A chakra atmosphere light often has a special colour and meaning. Because of this it has an effect on your attention and energy. So an ambient light is a great spiritual instrument to get to know your chakras. It is also a beautiful gift. For example, give away some insight with a blue lotus for the 6th chakra! Or put this beautiful display down in your yoga studio. A balancing gift for your students!

Besides chakra atmosphere lights, Spiru has much more spiritual enlightenment in house. Also take a look at our affirmation candles or sphere lights from other mystical traditions. We also have a wide range of scented candles. Even waxin lights for in your lotus. So at Spiru you’ll always be inspired!

What are chakras?
Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ and means ‘wheel of energy’. They are the energy centers in your body. Most traditions are based on seven chakras. The chakras together form a system. This means that they have an effect on each other and work together.

Each chakra has specific properties and functions. They actually symbolize different areas in your life. For example, the first chakra is linked to survival and the second to creativity. The third is your self-esteem and the fourth tells you something about love. Chakra five is your communication, six gives insight and the seventh connects you to the higher. Chakras can therefore be felt in your body and can be read from your behaviour.

To influence or get to know chakras, special colours are often used. The most common are:

1st chakra: red
2nd chakra: orange
3rd chakra: yellow
4th chakra: green
5th chakra: blue
6th chakra: indigo
7th chakra: violet


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