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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Oriental Lanterns

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Oriental Lantern

Oriental Candle Lanterns give your home or meditation room that little bit of extra mysticism. Lanterns give a soft glowing light that helps you come in connection with yourself. They are also often cut in the most beautiful patterns, creating a magical play of light that is wonderful for dreaming away in the evening. Place a few lanterns together for a cozy and atmospheric whole. Or combine an Oriental Lantern Hanging Lamp with one of our candle holders with mandala or tree of life for the ultimate oriental ambiance.

Lanterns with an Eastern Touch

Spiru has a wide range of beautiful mood lights, including these oriental lanterns. This is a great way to set a special mood with an oriental touch. Oriental lanterns are unique. By working the metal, patterns and decorations are created, including all kinds of well-known spiritual symbols:

Oriental Lantern Lamp From Spiru

At Spiru you will find a unique collection of mood lights and lanterns. There are lights in all shapes, sizes and for every budget. Of course, these can all be used with a tea light. They are available with or without glass. In addition, important symbols have been incorporated. Whether you like mandalas or chakras, at Spiru you have come to the right place for original oriental mood lights.

Spiritual Lantern: Oriental Decorations in Silver or Gold for Every Interior

The lanterns can create a calm and cozy atmosphere in an instant. For this reason, they are also suitable for meditation or wellness centers, for example. In addition, there is a matching lantern for every interior, because we have the lanterns in all kinds of versions: with or without glass, colored glass, blue to pink and even heart-shaped mood lights. Maybe the mood light oriental lantern seven chakras is even something for you. It comes in silver or gold. In addition to all the different colors, we also have this lantern in large and small format.

Mood Light Oriental Lantern Seven Chakras – Explanation

The mood light oriental lantern seven chakras can be placed or hung. The light radiates the seven chakra colors and symbols. Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ and means wheel of energy. They are the energy centers in your body. Most traditions identify seven chakras that together form a system. This means that they have an effect on each other and work together. Each chakra in us has specific properties and functions. The chakras are different types of consciousness:

First Chakra: Survival
Second Chakra: Creativity
Third Chakra: Self-Esteem
Fourth Chakra: Love
Fifth Chakra: Communication
Sixth Chakra: Insight
Seventh Chakra: Connection with the Higher Energies

Using Oriental Lantern Outdoors

The lamps are intended for indoor use. Lanterns however can also be used outdoors. In the summer the Oriental Lantern can be placed in the garden. If you are going to eat outside, place several lanterns on your table or some large lanterns in the corners of your patio. Ideal for sultry evenings in 1001 nights of atmospheres in your outdoor living space. It is best to place it somewhere sheltered like an overhang or gazebo.

Oriental Hanging Lanterns and More

In addition to the Oriental lamps, Spiru has many more beautiful Mood Lights in our collection. Think of a beautiful Salt Stone Tea Light Holder, which provides a soft, soft light as well as a peaceful atmosphere. Just like a lantern with an oriental touch! Don’t forget to check out our other Spiritual Mood Lights, which have beautiful symbols depicted on them. To enhance the magical atmosphere, we sell wonderfully Scented Candles. Our Authentic Incense also contributes to this atmosphere. A wonderful Essential Oil can bring relaxing vibes and sweet dreams. Are you looking to improve Feng Shui at home? You have come to the right place for that too. Spiru gives warmth and inspiration to your interior!