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Candle Holders

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Candle Holder

Candle holders are not just functional, they’re beautiful too. A special candle holder gives every burning candle meaning. For example, you can light a candle in honor of Ganesha or Buddha. A beautiful pentagram holder reminds you of the five natural elements. A beautiful candle holder can help you to illuminate a symbol that is special to you. Suitable for your personal altar or to add some magic to your interior.

Spiru sells beautiful holders in all kinds of sizes and materials, so there’s something for everyone. With us you will not only find tea light holders and candlesticks, but also large floor candles and candle plateaus. Not only do we have candle holders made of glass and metal in the collection, we also have porcelain and soapstone. Each material has its own unique light effects. How about the beautiful shadow play of a floor candle? A real eye catcher in your home or studio.

Candle holders are therefore great as a gift for yourself, but also for someone else.They’re not only beautiful gifts, but the symbols add a special meaning and personal touch. Something for everyone. Whether you like angels, animals, yoga, wicca, astrology or Buddhism, if you’re looking to buy candle holders, check out our wide assortment.

In addition to candle holders, Spiru also sells special Candles in all kinds of scents and colors. Ideal to pair with the perfect candle holder. With a nice Greeting Card, for example, you could really make a lovely gift arrangement. Even better, almost all of our candles are fair trade. You are doing the environment a favor too! Spiru is the right place for inspiring gifts and an attractive interior.


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