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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Porcelain Tea Light Holder

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Porcelain Tea Light Holder

Porcelain tea light holders are mood lights made of unglazed earthenware. They often contain spiritual or other symbolic images. To enjoy the warm glow of the meaningful symbols in the porcelain, light a tea light and place it inside.

What Are Porcelain Mood Lights?

These porcelain mood lights consist of a small ceramic dish with a bell jar over it. The pottery is unglazed, yet has a smooth finish. This special, fine type of clay can not only withstand the heat of candles, but also lets light through. That is what allows the figures in this translucent pottery to illuminate when the tea light is lit. The porous porcelain provides a soft yellow glow.

Choosing a Spiritual Porcelain Mood Light

Porcelain tea light holders not only bring warm light to any room, they are also said to spread spiritual vibes through their decorations. Here are the symbolic meanings of the most popular porcelain lights:

  • Buddha – radiates calm & compassion
  • Dolphin – symbolizes playfulness & fun
  • Angels & Cross – offers hope & protection
  • Angel Kiss – stimulates love & romance
  • Ganesha – inspires optimism & wisdom
  • Panda – imagine peace & harmony

Spiritual Mood Lights at Spiru

At Spiru you will find various lights, lamps and candle holders to provide your favorite room with an atmosphere full of symbolism and meaning. In addition to porcelain tea light holders , you can choose from colorful Lotus Mood Lights, soothing Salt Lamps and spiritual Selenite Lamps. All these light sources have in common that, in addition to a cozy glow, they also radiate a special vibe. So if you want to enjoy mood lamps with positive energy, choose from the Spiru collection!