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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10


Selenite Lamp

Selenite Crystal Lamps are mood lights made of the mineral Selenite, also called Mary Glass or Satin Spar. This white semi-precious stone is relatively translucent and has a natural shimmer. Selenite lights, whether lit by a bulb or a tea light, therefore spread a clear, soft glow and come into their own in meditation rooms or bedrooms.

The Symbolic Meaning of a Selenite Lamp Sphere

The name ‘Selenite’ is a reference to the Greek moon goddess Selene. A round or moon shaped, white Selenite lamp therefore, symbolizes the Full Moon. So if you want to work with this mysterious force of nature, let yourself be inspired by this lamp’s round, moon-like appearance. This heavenly stone is also said to stimulate contact with angels, spirit guides, and supernatural forces through the so-called 7th chakra.

Choosing a Selenite Bedroom Lamp

According to many gemologists, a Selenite lamp has an effect on emotions and thoughts. The white mineral would calm your head, so that you can clear your mind again! This is not only pleasant when you want to meditate, but would also come in handy for sleeping well. There are special Selenite table lamp night lights that you can plug into the socket, so that you can rest peacefully while enjoying an atmospheric glow in your bedroom!

How to Keep a Selenite Lamp Shining

Selenite is a gypsum crystal and therefore cannot withstand moisture well. Do not use water to clean these lamps and make sure that your mood light is in a dry room. It may seem cozy to place a Selenite tower lamp near your bath, but you will enjoy the light longer if it remains at a safe distance from moisture. Do you want to rejuvenate the energetic power of your crystal lamp? You can cleanse and charge your authentic Selenite lamp in several ways that don’t involve water. Check out our Blogs on Cleansing Your Crystals’ Energy and about Recharging Crystals.

Buy Selenite Lamps at Spiru

If you’re looking to buy a beautiful crystal lamp, Selenite is a great option. But at Spiru we have many different types of mineral mood lights. According to many people, with mineral lamps you not only bring a beautiful item into your interior, but you also bring the properties of natural stone into your home. Not only do the crystals radiate their powers into the environment, the energy of the light inside is said to amplify these vibes. In addition to Selenite, you can choose the stone that appeals to you the most, such as Rock Crystal or Rose Quartz. Many people also bring a Salt Lamp into their home to create a soothing atmosphere.

Assortment Selenite at Spiru

Are you looking for Selenite Lamps for sale? Large or small, you will find the nicest lights on our website. There is a mini version of the lamps available for on your desk, but also lamps from 35 to 40 cm tall. Gemstone Hearts of Selenite are also popular. This small crystal  shape emphasizes the comforting quality of the angelic celestial stone for many people. They’re comforting to carry in your pocket, or are of course, a nice gift for your favorite people!