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Pendulum Dowsing: How Does it Work? A Beginner’s Guide to Pendulum Dowsing

By Maggie 2 July 2021
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How does a Pendulum work? Have you also wondered how to dowse with a pendulum? In this article you will learn all the basics of commuting with a dowsing pendulum and find great tips for your practice!

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How does a pendulum work? There are different ways to interpret the movement of your pendulum. Some people use a pendulum to reveal the truths that they already feel in their body.  Subtle stresses and movements of their body that would otherwise go unnoticed are made visible by the pendulum. Others feel in tune with their spiritual side, which is supported and amplified by the swinging of the pendulum. Here you can find an explanation for the different ways to practice commuting, so that you can explore the practice of dowsing and discover what is the best for you!

What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is a small weight on a wire or chain made of precious stones, metal or wood. Users from different cultures believe that the weight moves when you ask it a question. For many people the pendulum is a meaningful tool to obtain information, namely through interpreting the simple answers:

  • Yes
  • No
  • I do not know
  • I don’t want to say

How Does a Pendulum Work?

Scientists suggest that the pendulum in your hand moves through uncontrolled muscle movements that arise from your own, unconscious thoughts. This is also known as the ideomotor effect. For many spiritually minded people who practice pendulum dowsing meaning is found in its use as a means of cosmic communication or receiving universal information. For example, they may see the swinging movements of their pendulum as messages from their own souls, invisible guides or other energies.

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Calibration: Interpreting Your Pendulum Movement

If you want to learn how to commute, experts say it is important that you discover how your pendulum communicates with you personally. To be able to deduce yes or no while using a dowsing pendulum, you need to calibrate it first. This way you can clearly determine which answer belongs to which pendulum movement.

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How to Hold the Pendulum

Holding your tool correctly is an important part of dowsing pendulum instructions! You hold a pendulum at the end of the cord, between your thumb and index finger. The palm of your hand faces down and is relaxed so that the instrument can move freely. Hold your forearm in a straight line. You can put the chain over your little finger if you like, or place the ball at the end of the chain between your ring finger and little finger to make sure the pendulum does not slip. Keep your hand still or support with your arm on the table.

Pendulum Dowsing: Questions for Calibration

First ask a few questions that you know the answer to. Repeat this until you see a consistent movement in the pendulum each time that the answer should be ‘yes’ and each time that it should be ‘no’. It’s a bit more difficult to come up with questions for “I don’t know” and “I don’t want to say.” Nevertheless, these answers are important for more advanced pendulum dowsing. A solution to this is to literally request the pendulum to show you these answers. Once you are comfortable with the movements and confident that you can recognize them, you can start a real pendulum session. For some, this calibration works the first time, while for others it takes longer to get a hang of interpreting the movements.

How does a Pendulum work? How to Ask the Right Questions

According to users, a commuting session provides you with information by way of four different and concise answers. Therefore, it is important to ask simple questions. Useful tips are:

  • keep it short
  • relate it to yourself
  • ask something that is currently relevant

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Dowsing for Beginners: Tips to Start Your Session

When you’re ready to ask about your real life issues, prepare for a meditative moment by:

  • Looking for a quiet place
  • Turning off electronics or communication devices
  • Lighting scented candles or incense
  • Putting on inspiring music
  • Standing or sitting comfortably
  • Focusing yourself through your breath, mantras or other forms of meditation

How to Dowse with a Crystal Pendulum: Cleaning and Charging

Many people use gemstone pendulums for their commuting sessions. Crystals are said to be a spiritual aid that are useful while investigating life questions. For example, you can work with a variant of Rose Quartz if you want to conduct a dowsing session about love. According to crystal experts, stones need to be cleaned and energized regularly. Streaming water or moonlight are a great way to re-energize and purify your crystals.

More Spiritual Tools for Life’s Questions

Now that you know dowsing pendulum uses and the basic instructions, you can buy a commuting tool that’s right for you! Is a pendulum not what you’re looking for? There are also other symbolic commuting aids that could help you to access your subconscious. Tarot, for example, is a well-known mystical art, as is astrology or viewing with a Glass Ball. Would you rather contact spirits to answer your questions? According to enthusiasts, a Ouija Board helps to make contact with such invisible forces.

Whatever method you choose, from us here at Spiru we wish you happy commuting!

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