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What is a Notebook

A notebook or notebook is a booklet in which people can take notes. A common name for notebooks is a journal or diary. There are different types of sizes; size A4 or A6 and sometimes even smaller. You can use your notebooks to take notes, write pieces of text or draw.

A notebook is generally somewhat stiffer than a notepad and is often lined. A leather notebook or journal with a leather cover provides an extra firm surface while writing down your thoughts or memories.

Notebooks in Many Shapes and Sizes

Today there are different types of notebooks. You can choose a notebook with a hard cover, soft cover, leather cover or fabric cover. Perhaps you prefer to write your stories on linear paper or your drawings look best on a blank sheet of paper. The variety is huge!

A special notebook is a dotted notebook. This is often a hardback notebook with dotted paper. The paper has a pattern of dots instead of lines. The dots ensure that you don’t get distracted by the lines. Yet you can write straight through the dots. It gives you more freedom; a dotted notebook provides an overview and challenges you to be creative.

What Do You Use a Notebook For

The dots in a dotted notebook are very useful for drawing icons, for example. You can also easily draw straight lines, both horizontally and vertically. You can draw boxes to keep track of your finances. Or if you want to start hand lettering, a dot grid is ideal.

In addition, you can use your handmade leather notebook to write down shopping lists, notebooks, reminders, quotes, passwords (not all ;-)) or you can make a weekly schedule in it.

Why Writing is Good for You

In addition to writing down all the things mentioned above, a notebook is very nice to write down all your thoughts, experiences and feelings. Writing can help to process life’s experiences. By naming emotions and ordering experiences, certain brain functions may be activated that would have a stabilizing effect on your mind. In addition, ‘writing away from you’ could do even more good, namely:

  • writing provides structure and overview. When you write down a ‘brainstorm’, it actually exists. You can choose to take a break from it for a while and come back to it later.
  • By writing in your notebook, you literally start a conversation with yourself. You pause for a moment on what you are thinking about, so that you may be able to reflect better at a later time.
    So, keep on writing!

Buy Notebooks online at Spiru – Traditional and Handmade

With us you will always find a unique notebook that is spiritual in nature. In our webshop you can choose from notebooks printed with Buddha, Zen and Lotus, but you will also find a beautiful brown notebook with Celtic Knot. You will find very unique notebooks at Spiru!

Many of the notebooks you will find with us are handmade and come from Nepal. It is one of the ancient and traditional crafts from the Himalayan Kingdom. Unique to receive, fun to give.