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What is Spirituality? Searching for a Zenful Life

By Maggie 9 November 2021
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What exactly is spirituality and when are you spiritual? Discover spirituality and what it can mean for you!

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For many people, the definition of spirituality is finding meaning in yourself and your environment. If you see it this way, you can make this very large concept actually super personal. That is precisely why it is important not just to ask yourself what does spiritual mean, but also what is spirituality to you. You can discover spirituality for yourself in many different ways, for example:

  • meditation
  • study
  • movement
  • creativity
  • working with spiritual or ritual tools
  • enjoy your existence!

Here you can read about what spirituality can mean, why spiritual growth is not always visible, and how you can search for your spiritual treasures.

Spirit Guides to Invisible Inspiration

In the concept of spirituality you may recognize the Latin Spiritus, which means essence or soul. The spiritual has to do with inspiration, both from within yourself and from your surroundings. For example, some people feel connected to an invisible force and see spirituality as a sort of mystical meet-up with their personal guide. Other spiritual people feel they have a purpose or destiny. They try to discover it by listening to their inner voice or their Third Eye. You can see different forms of spirituality all as means to find inspiration for a zen-filled existence. So it’s between you and… well, – you fill it in!


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What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual?

The word spiritual literally means “to use your soul or mind,” just as the word manual means “by hand.” So simply put, if you do daily things with heart and soul, you are spiritually engaged. Perhaps it’s easier to think about it less as being spiritual, and more about doing what moves you in good spirits. Personal growth, for most people, comes with trial and error so to develop spiritually can sometimes be hard work. Don’t be discouraged, just try to connect to things that move you.

New Age: Creating a Unique Spiritual Life

New Age Spirituality is a collective term for movements that assume that:

  • every person is unique and has their own truth
  • all people are simultaneously part of one source or consciousness
  • you are free to explore both

According to the New Age movement, everyone can decide for themselves what motivates and inspires them.  This is very different from religions in which gods or spirits determine how you should live. The hope of the New Age movements is that by searching for your own truth, you can also discover universal wisdom and spiritual meaning. That adventure can be as complicated or as simple as you want.  Also, don’t be afraid to try out different things. If one spiritual shoe doesn’t fit, try the next one on! Do you recognize this in yourself? Then keep it nice and New Age!

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What Spiritual Development Can Look Like

Some people make it very clear that they are involved with esotericism and spirituality. Maybe it’s obvious because of their profession or because their wardrobe or home decor refers to it. Diplomas, titles, or other external markings are symbols to express where a person is on their spiritual journey. These items can therefore be very important for the wearer. Yet you can also delve into spirituality personally and subtly, without anyone noticing or acknowledging it. This was sometimes even necessary, for example in the times of religious persecution. You can just keep spiritual experiences a secret for yourself if you want to.

How Do You Develop Spirituality?

If you want to start with developing a spiritual practice, you actually start with a simple wish. What do you hope to achieve by developing spiritually? What do you hope to find or how do you envision spiritual growth? Do you have feelings or a vision about that, and if so, what do they say about you? If you pay attention to what happens inside your soul when you think about such meaningful questions, you are secretly already very spiritually engaged. You can also simply follow what interests or attracts you. What speaks to you and what inspires you? Maybe Horoscopes draw you in like a magnet or you go wild with all things Wicca and Tarot. If something inside sparks that spiritual flame in you, let it be your inspiration!

Inspiration for your Spiritual Development

Do you want to learn more about yourself? According to astrology, your potential and difficulties in this life are written in the stars. For example, if you have the Capricorn Zodiac Sign, then you would glow from something completely different than a Sagittarius. Chakra Philosophy also helps many spiritual seekers to get to know themselves. According to yogis, these energy points contain information about your body, mind, and cosmic connections. If you are creative or fond of the practicalities of life, making a Mandala or Wiccan Altar might connect you with your deepest desires.

Start Your Spiritual Journey


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