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Meridian Balls Yellow Dragon

Meridian Balls Yellow Dragon

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Meridian Balls Yellow Dragon

0 out of 5 based on 0 customer ratings
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A dragon is one of the most powerful symbols and stands for a whole range of qualities, emotions and character traits. Dragons can therefore mean many things. However, the most common symbols are strength, courage and firmness. Dragons are the embodiment of primal force. They are the ultimate ruler of all elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. It was Emperor Jia Jing who had the operation of meridian bullets thoroughly investigated in the sixteenth century. What looks like an unthinking game, the rotation of 2 metal bullets in the palm, is in reality a technique with a healing effect. Qi is the name for life energy that flows through our body. The channels through which this energy flows are called meridians; these are connected to the most important organs and senses in the body. The palms of the hands also contain points of contact or energy centres, and the rotation of the meridian balls in the hands stimulates the reflex zones, and the energy that is released is transferred to the different body zones via the meridians. In this way healing or alleviation of disorders can be achieved (but it is by no means a solution for all complaints). The meridian balls are available in different sizes; start with the smaller balls and try to turn the balls in both left and right hands. If this exercise goes well for you then try to turn the balls around without them touching each other. If you have developed some skill in this, it is wise to use larger balls. With this you learn to rotate the balls to the fingertips. Over time you will notice that the hands and fingers also become more supple. Change the direction of rotation regularly. By releasing new energy in this natural way you can feel more comfortable. The ability to concentrate and the inner strength increase. There is a mechanism in the balls that causes a soft vibration to occur inside the balls as a result of the movement in the hands. Each large ball has a diameter of approximately 4 cm. They come in a set of two, in a padded box with beautiful Chinese silk embroidery. These chrome-plated steel balls are easy to maintain. If you don’t use the balls for a while, treat them the way you would treat your car’s chromework: Rub a small amount of oil or chrome polish onto the surface of the balls with a dry cloth to prevent corrosion. The meridian balls come in a red, blue, green or black box.

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Gratis verzending   vanaf € 75
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