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Endless Knot– All About this Symbol of Infinity

By Maggie 16 May 2022
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The endless knot is a common symbol in various religions and cultures. In this blog you can read everything about this connecting symbol.

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Infinite Knot Meaning

The Infinite Knot is a symbol for the union of Wisdom and Method. In the final liberation of the soul, the knot symbolizes the unbreakable bond of wisdom and compassion.

The origin of this symbol (also called Celtic knot) is almost certainly pagan. Since there is no recognizable beginning or end, the Celtic endless knot likely originally symbolized the infinite circle of existence. The lines always come back where they started. This never ending connection is certainly what it has come to symbolize today.

Celtic Endless Knot Meaning

By drawing and encircling the knot, the Celts believed that they were keeping the forces of darkness and chaos at bay and shutting out danger. You can also see the principle of continuous movement and connection in the infinitely intertwined lines.

Celtic knots aren’t all the same and there are a variety of endless knots and knot graphics used for ornamentation. Knot motifs were very popular among the Celts. Later these knots became famous as decoration on Christian monuments (as in the picture below) and manuscripts. The meaning infinite knot is generally a knot with no beginning and no end, which stands for the continuity of life.

Did you know that the Celts had a very specific art form, in which this knot was also frequently used?

celtic cross with infinite knots

Infinite Knot Buddhism

The infinite knot represents the interdependence of many things, but above all of the practice of the Buddhist teachings and of the support it gives to society. Without beginning or end, the sign also represents Buddha’s endless wisdom.

The endless mystical knot is one of the eight Buddhist good luck symbols and is a symbol of longevity. In Buddhism, the mystic knot is one of the eight treasures; the infinite knot symbolizes the duration of the spiritual life, never-ending wisdom and spiritual vigilance. The knot also stands for continuity, longevity and eternity. This knot is often used in wedding clothing and jewelry, like a Silver Srivatsa Pendant.

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Infinite Knot in Tibetan Buddhism

The Tibetan Knot or Srivatsa is one of the oldest and best known of the eight Tibetan Buddhist auspicious symbols. Srivatsa means ‘infinite knot’ in Sanskrit. The other seven are the vase, the parasol, the golden fish, the lotus, the snail shell, the banner, and the wheel.

The Tibetan Eternal Knot pattern is without beginning and end, which radiates both tranquility and movement. For Tibetan Buddhists, this sign is a classical representation of their perception of reality. That all phenomena are intertwined and dependent on cause and circumstance.

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tibetan prayer wheel infinite knot Srivatsa

Infinite Knot vs Lemniscate

The endless knot symbol also resembles a lemniscate, which is the mathematical sign for infinity. You can see the lemniscate as a symbol for infinite space and time. The symbol creates space and offers an opening to the future. The endless lemniscate figure-eight gives shape to a balance between giving and taking, inside and outside and attention for yourself and for others.

In the lemniscate you can also see the relationship between yourself and others. You can experience this between partners, but also between client and therapist, or friends for example. You could see the lemniscate as two circles that have entered into a relationship with each other. At the intersection of the lemniscate there is a field of tension with possibilities for interaction. In the event of a divorce or loss, it is important to separate the two parts in a healthy way.

camp fire infinity symbol starry sky

Give friendship, loving relationships, and above all yourself even more meaning with the infinite knot.


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