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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Rainbow Candles

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Rainbow Candles

A Rainbow candle is a candle in one or more colors of the rainbow. Yogis often know them as Chakra Candles and for witches they also serve as Spell Candles.

Why Choose Rainbow Colored Candles

For centuries people have whispered their best wishes and messages to their flames, assuming that they will reach their destination. Several spiritual traditions also claim that colors have their own energy. So if you light a candle in a specific shade, you would amplify the power of this color with that of light and warmth. It is a simple spiritual practice, but according to many people you can make real magic by burning rainbow candles!

Colors and Their Meanings

Each hue of the rainbow has a symbolic meaning that varies by spiritual tradition. The most well known are the association of the colors with the Chakras. Below you can read the more specific properties of each color according to Yogis and Wiccans:

  • Red: Yogis – vitality and instinct | Wiccans- passion and God
  • Orange:Yogis – comfort and creativity | Wiccans – fertility
  • Yellow: Yogis – personal power | Wiccans – memory and intelligence
  • Green: Yogis – connection to the heart | Wiccans – connection to natural harmony
  • Pink: Yogis – heart | Wiccans – good messages
  • Blue: Yogis – wisdom | Wiccans – divine healing
  • Purple: Yogis – insight and intuition | Wiccans – access to psychic abilities

Rainbow Candle Sets and Other Symbolic Mood Lights at Spiru

At Spiru you will find a wide range of spiritual lights to indulge your heart. Choose a rainbow chakra candle to get in touch with your inner energy. Would you rather choose a colorful holder instead of a colored candle? Then take a look at the selection of Lotus Candle Holders! In need of an encouraging message? Then the positive Affirmation Candles are for you. These flames contain images of inspiring saints to give you a feeling of protection. Some candles also spread pleasant vibes in your home, such as the unique collection of Scented Candles. And don’t forget the soft glow of Salt Lamps or Selenite Lamps! What symbolic warmth do you want to bring into your home?