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Stearin Candles

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Stearin Candles

Stearin Candles are tea lights and candles made of animal fat or vegetable fat. The word ‘stearin’ comes from the Greek word for ‘beef’. This natural chemical compound was extracted from cow fat for centuries. Fortunately, stearin is also found in plant sources, and the stearin candles you can buy today are usually made from the oil of renewable crops such as palm.

Candles with a Quality Mark

Greenpalm is a quality mark for sustainably extracted palm oil from which stearin is made. This certification aims to ensure that not only the palm plantations are well taken care of, but also the employees and the surrounding communities. The majority of the stearin candles at Spiru therefore carry this Greenpalm Sustainable Palm Oil certificate, with a Fair Trade Quality Mark on top. Fair Trade in this case means that the candles are largely made by hand. In this way, the producers create and maintain jobs for their employees. It also means that 80% percent of the candle makers are women and that the brand works with sustainable packaging materials. Green light for sustainability!

Benefits of Stearin Candles

Stearin candles are very stable candles according to experts. They are not only sturdy, but also burn longer than candles based on paraffin, soy, or rapeseed. Also, the flame of stearin candles is very steady, they rarely drip, and they spread little soot. On top of this they have a special appearance, resembling marble or other natural rock. Many colored candles are also made of stearin, because this substance retains pigments well. So if you are looking for a light in dazzling Chakra Colors or a Rainbow Candle, you will often come across this variant!

Types OfĀ  Stearin Candles

Stearin Candles come in different varieties, from melting Votive Candles to freestanding dinner candles to eye-catching stearin pillar candles. Below you can read about the use of:

  • Votive Candles
  • Chakra Candles

Stearin Based Votive Candles

Votive Candles are small stump candles that are burned in a glass. This is because these tea lights leak or flow out of shape easily. They also last longer if they are in a suitable holder, because the candle wax is held together.

Stearin Chakra Candles

Chakra Candles of stearin can be in the form of a votive light as well as a free-standing candle. You burn votive candles in a glass and freestanding in a candle holder intended for that purpose. Chakra candles usually contain colors and Essential Oils that yogis believe belong to energy portals in the body. Many people use them as Affirmation Candles or Scented Candles for good vibes.

Buy Spiritual Candles at Spiru

Would you like to Burn Candles with Meaning? Crystal connoisseurs like to add real minerals to their candles to give them even more magic. Gemstone Scented candles are the ideal way for them to work with stone power. Whichever candle you choose, magical moments start at Spiru!