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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Yoga Cushions & Bolsters

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Buying a Yoga Bolster

At Spiru you’re at the right place to buy a firm, durable, and sustainable yoga bolster online. A bolster pillow is a special cushion used to support the back, neck, arms, and legs during a yoga practice. Our products are high quality and filled with buckwheat chaff. This material makes our cushions exceptionally sustainable. If they lose firmness overtime you can simply add more buckwheat. Some bolsters even come with an extra sack of buckwheat so you can adjust the firmness to your liking. Extra buckwheat refills can also be ordered on their own.

What is a Yoga Bolster?

A yoga bolster is a long, firm pillow. During yoga the goal is to find peace, relaxation, balance, and awareness. However, this is sometimes difficult while trying to hold challenging poses! These special cushions can be used for either support during a relaxation yoga session, or for help with more advanced poses. They are also used for support during therapeutic sessions. Yoga bolsters are also for everyday use. You can make yourself comfortable sitting or lying with a bolster on the couch or lounging in front of your fireplace. They’re a versatile item that are practical but also lovely accessories for your interior.

Bolster Meaning and the Differences Between Pillows and Meditation Benches

“To bolster” literally means “to support.” As the name implies, bolsters give support where needed and there are many different types available to suit your individual needs. Are you unsure whether a bolster, pillow, or meditation bench is right for you? A bolster is designed for support during an active yoga practice and can be used in many different positions, while a yoga pillow is used primarily to help you sit in a comfortable position. The biggest difference between a meditation bench and a meditation pillow is that the benches relieve pressure on the knees and prevent compression of the circulatory system. A bench ensures good blood circulation even when seated in meditation for long periods.

Different Forms and Shapes to Buy Yoga Bolster(s)

Yoga bolsters are made in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose a solid color for a serene look, for example for use in a yoga studio or meditation space. For a subtle design you can choose a black and white pattern. Or do you enjoy more colorful or floral patterns? Then a tribal or bohemian print is probably more your taste. There are even bolsters in the colors of the chakras.

Extra Support in Many Forms

In addition to the wide variety of colors available, these supportive cushions come in different shapes:

  • Round
  • Half Moon
  • Rectangular

Round Bolsters for all Postures

A yoga bolster round in shape is great for support in just about any posture, but round bolsters are especially useful for meditation and in asanas where you sit on your knees. The round shape helps you to sit up straight with a properly elongated spine and makes it easier to relax your legs. They are thicker, so you sit a bit higher which relieves stress in the knees.

Half Moon Shaped Bolster

A half moon yoga bolster is a crescent shaped pillow that offers support by postures in which you sit up right. It makes it easier to sit comfortably cross-legged or to come into lotus pose. These bolsters are angled downward, which encourages you to straighten your spine. Crescent bolsters are less thick than the round pillows, and are best suited for people who have been practicing yoga for a longer period of time. The half moon shape is also comfortable for people with long legs; the shape helps seated poses to be less awkward.

Rectangular Yoga Bolsters

These bolsters are extra supportive for the thighs. With rectangular bolsters you sit lower and are closer to the ground in seated asanas.  They are diverse and give great support in a wide variety of postures.

How is a Yoga Bolster Used?

Bolsters are handy in a yoga class for extra comfort and deeper stretching, but they’re also wonderful to have at home. They can be used during different active asanas or during Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga, but bolsters are also useful for many other yoga forms or meditation.

Use During Savasana

Savasana is a posture that is commonly practiced at the beginning or end of a yoga class. It is also called the corpse pose. The purpose of this posture is to completely relax and refresh yourself. During Savasana one or more bolsters are often used. Different parts of the body can be supported on the bolster by placing it for example under the back, or behind the knees. By supporting the knees, the spine makes better contact with the ground which enhances relaxation. By placing the bolster in the lower back, you can help to restore proper alignment.

What is Important to Keep in Mind When Buying a Yoga Bolster?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bolster is what you personally find to be comfortable. Bolsters with a cotton stuffing are softer, while a bolster filled with buckwheat provides firm support. Furthermore the color is important, especially if you’re using it in your home.

Yoga Bolster Assortment by Spiru and more for Yoga and Relaxation

Our yoga bolsters are often bought in combination with other yoga accessories, like a yoga mat or yoga block for extra support. At Spiru you can find among other accessories, yoga blocks, yoga mats, and yoga belts and bands for use with your bolster. A yoga bag is also handy for the yoga practitioner on the go; they’re an easy way to keep all of your accessories together. Everything for the perfect yoga session is available at Spiru!