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Yoga Pillow

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Yoga Pillow

You have probably seen them at your yoga school: yoga cushions. They are used during meditation and for yoga asanas that require support. Also many yoga sessions include a short meditation. At Spiru you will find good quality cushions in different shapes and colors. These come in handy both at home and in a yoga class. Most meditation and yoga cushions are filled with buckwheat chaff. The filling can be supplemented or reduced allowing you to determine how firm your cushion is. The perfectly tailored filling ensures a comfortable and correct posture.

This is the Right Size Yoga Seat Cushion

The color of your yoga pillow depends on your taste, but choosing the right size and shape can be important. For example, your height can influence the height of the yoga cushion. For less flexible people, we also recommend a higher cushion of at least 18 cm. For people who want to sit as close to the floor as possible, but still want some support, a lower yoga cushion of about 10-12 cm is suitable. Of course you can also choose something in between; you can adjust the height to your liking by removing some filling from the pillow or adding to it.

How to Choose the Right Shape of Yoga Cushions

In addition to the size, the shape of the yoga cushion is also important. You can choose from the following shapes:

  • Round Yoga Pillow
  • Half Moon Yoga Pillow
  • Long Yoga Pillow

Why You Could Choose a Round Pillow

Round yoga cushions are the most popular. They support almost every posture. Round meditation style cushions are especially suitable for postures or meditations where you sit on your knees. It also easily ensures that you sit upright while practicing. The pressure of your legs is reduced because you can place them at a relaxed angle. In addition, a round cushion is easy to adjust in height.

Benefits of a Crescent or Half Moon Pillow

The biggest advantage of the half moon yoga pillow is that it offers support in upright postures. Your buttocks sit just a little higher than your thighs and the sloping seat forces you to sit up straight in order to keep your balance. The spine is stretched and with the right posture, the cervical vertebrae and the crown are also in correct alignment. You can also bring your feet closer to your body. These are slightly less thick than an average round pillow and are especially suitable for more experienced yogis. It is also a good option for people with long legs, because the shape of the half moon meditation cushion makes it easier to fold your legs.

Elongated, Rectangular Cushion as an Intermediate Option

The rectangular yoga cushion has both the advantages of the round and the half moon cushions. The seat is slightly lower to the ground like the crescent cushion, but also provides the support of the round version. Additionally, this shape offers some extra support for your thighs. They are therefore suitable if you want to sit low to the ground, but are looking for excellent support for correct posture.

Yoga Cushions from Hemp

Hemp is an alternative, natural fiber that is obtained in an environmentally friendly way. The process requires no irrigation, uses no pesticides or fertilizers, and is harvested and processed by hand. It is one of the most durable natural fibers in the world and results in a fabric comparable to linen. Hemp cultivation restores soil health and farmers can plant food crops in the same field immediately after a hemp harvest without a fallow period. Hemp is grown organically using all kinds of natural ingredients: compost, animal manure and available rainfall.

A Meditation Bench or a Pillow

If you use a yoga pillow a lot while meditating, you may be wondering if a Meditation Bench isn’t a better idea. On a bench you always sit with your knees forward and your feet back. The height ensures that there is some space, so that your legs do not pinch or sleep. The seating surface supports a slight tilt of your pelvis, so that you can sit for a longer period of time with a straight back. Unlike a cushion, meditation benches are not adjustable in height. For most people who are shorter than 1.60 Meters or taller than 1.80 Meters, a round meditation cushion is probably a better option.

Acupressure Mats and Neck Pillows for Meditation

Acupressure originates from Chinese medicine and has also been used in India for centuries. It provides healing and soothing relief throughout the body by activating nerve endings. According to Chinese medicine, pain-relieving substances are released and blood circulation is improved. Acupressure Neck Pillows or Nail Mats restore the energy flows in your body. Its use can have a relaxing effect and help with minor headaches.

More for your Yoga Exercises

For some extra support while meditating or maintaining your asanas, you can combine the relaxing zen yoga pillows with one of our Yoga Bolsters. Also read our product review of the colored yoga bolsters. A good Yoga Mat is also important. By the way, how about a Yoga Block to keep your postures longer? Yoga Towels are also suitable for more hygiene and less risk of slipping during an active yoga session. You will find the right yoga materials at Spiru!