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Free affirmation card with every order 😍
Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Buying a Meditation Bench at Spiru

Do you want to buy a meditation bench? At Spiru, we have beautiful and sturdy meditation benches. When you are new to meditation, finding the right posture might be a challenge. Thus, it is ideal for the beginning yogi. A yoga meditation bench is specially designed to make it possible to rest on your knees while meditating. Because of the pleasant height and the sloping seat, the load on your joints is minimal. In case of physical issues, a meditation bench is also ideal, because it helps you get into the right position.    

The Goal of a Meditation Bench

The goal of a meditation bench is to get you into a comfortable position while meditating. During meditation, a meditation bench is really pleasant, because your weight is resting on the bench. The goal is to reduce the load on your knees, shins and ankles during kneeling meditation exercises. A slightly sloping seat ensures that the pelvis is tilted in such a way that the back straightens and breathing improves. Every bench is different. For example, with the rounded seat of our ergonomic bench you place your legs on the outside of the legs of the bench. This, too, helps improve your posture.   

Meditation Bench or Meditation Cushion?

Are you looking for more comfort? In that case, you might consider choosing a matching cushion. You will be seated even more comfortably, because the special cushions match pleasantly with the wooden meditation stool. Besides, the cushions are available in all kinds of colours and with different motifs. Spiru’s collection consists of meditation benches in every price range. For example, you can buy your own zen meditation bench for 18 or even less. If you are away from home often, a foldable variant might be most suitable for you. 

Complete your Meditation Collection

When you are meditating, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Combine your meditation bench with a specially designed meditation cushion. To avoid getting cold, you could buy a meditation shawl. The meditation mats, too, are indispensable. Spiru’s mats are easy to carry with you and consist of good quality material. Whether you are looking for a meditation shawl, cushion or meditation mat, you’ve come to the right place when you are looking for comfort!