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Mary Statue

Mary statues are figures in the form of the Virgin Mary, the most important saint in the Catholic faith. You can buy an antique statue of Mary from plaster, stone, or wood, while new ones often consist of polystone or plastic. Often the figures gaze upwards and have their hands together. Mary usually wears a cloak with blue and gold and sometimes has the baby Jesus on her arm.

The Story of the Virgin Mary

Mary is the mother of Jesus in the stories of the New Testament and the Quran (Maryam). Catholics venerate Mary as the most important saint and call her Madonna, Mother of God. According to the Bible, Mary was betrothed to the carpenter Joseph, but without intercourse became pregnant with a son. According to the Catholic texts, Mary had such a pure soul that she was given the special task by God to bring his son into the world. At her death, just like her divine son, she was immediately taken up into heaven, the so-called Assumption of Mary or Assumption into Heaven. Since then, the human Mary has been an official saint within the Catholic faith.

This Symbolize Mary Statues

An important aspect of Mary is that she is Virgin and Mother at the same time. For Catholics, she is therefore both a symbol of divine purity and committed humanity. For many believers, Mary radiates compassion and a feeling known as “universal maternal love.” Sometimes she has her child in her arms, but both with or without baby Jesus, a Mother Mary statue is a reminder of this caring energy. According to tradition, the Virgin Mary cares about all people. That is why believers also connect her with the future and a better world.

Marian Apparitions

Virgin Mary statues often refer to historical moments when the Blessed Virgin reportedly revealed herself to normal people. She would then bring a special message or assignment to the believer. As a reminder, chapels were often built at the place of revelation, and these often turned into popular places of pilgrimage or shrines. Mary statues are usually small replicas of the statues in these chapels. This way, not everyone has to go on a pilgrimage to get inspiration from these special messages!

Most Popular Images of the Virgin Mary

  • Lourdes
  • Miraculous
  • Sacred Heart
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Fatima

Mary of Lourdes

These statues symbolize the Marian apparition in the pilgrimage site of Lourdes. According to the stories, Mary unveiled a spring of healing water at this spot in 1858. Because of this, in Lourdes people venerate Mary mainly for her healing powers. Other names or meanings for this Marian apparition are the Comforter of the Afflicted and the Refuge of Sinners.

Mary Miraculous

The Miraculous statues represent a Marian apparition from 1830, reported by the Parisian Catharina Labour├ę. According to tradition, she received a special commission from Mary to make a medal that would provide grace and comfort to the wearer. On the spot where she experienced her vision of Mary, there is now also a chapel that commemorates this event, the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-la-M├ędaille miraculeuse.

Mary of the Sacred Heart

These figures symbolize the Sacred or Immaculate Heart of Mary. In doing so, she points to her heart with her left hand, a symbol of deep inner life and a source of compassion. Catholics see the Heart of the Blessed Virgin as impeccable and pure. In pictures her heart is often aflame, which shows how strong and unconditional her love is.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Guadelupe statues refer to a Marian apparition from 1531 in present-day Mexico. This event is said to have been reported by Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, a converted Aztec. He saw Mary appearing in the mountains begging him to build a church in her name. The local bishop did not believe Juan Diego and wanted to see a miracle first. The story goes that Mary then grew roses in the middle of winter. Juan Diego brought the roses to the bishop and upon entering, a picture of Mary appeared on his cloak. Catholics in large parts of South America celebrate the appearance of this patron saint every year.

Mary Fatima

Our Lady of Fátima is an apparition that is said to have been seen near the Portuguese town of Fátima. Three shepherd children saw the Virgin appear six times in one year. She is said to have passed on three secrets that contain warnings about approaching wars and attacks. The symbolic meaning of Mary Fatima therefore refers to world peace and the conversion of sinners.

Why Mary Wears Blue

Mary often wears a blue cloak or dress in Christian Artworks. There are several reasons for this. In the twelfth century, Marian devotion grew and many images were made of her. The most expensive color of paint at that time was ultramarine and therefore completely suitable for this special Blessed Virgin. Before that time, Mary often was depicted in black or other dark clothing. So not that noticeable or special at all. The color blue, in combination with the theological importance of Mary herself, has come to symbolize spirituality, purity, holiness and heaven. That is why you can now often find statues of Mary with blue clothing!

How to Place a Statue of Mary

Whether it is a large bust or a small statue of Mary, many people find it very important where exactly Our Lady is displayed. In churches, for example, Mary with Child is often raised in a niche or special chapel, surrounded with flowers, Votive Candles, or Affirmation Candles. This emphasizes its radiant presence and symbolic fertility. At home you will find these statues on altars or places where natural light enters.

Mary Statue: Decorations in Various Versions

Statues of Mary exist in different materials and colors. Antique versions are often real plaster statues. If you want to buy a plaster statue of the Virgin Mary, then you know that these are unique and precious. New figurines are generally made of plastic and polystone. These materials are more readily available and easy to mold into different shapes. Figures are available from 13 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm up to 100 cm high. You will find both statues of the Virgin alone or a statue of Mary with the infant Jesus. In addition to standing figures, busts and icons are also available. This way everyone can get a Madonna that suits their budget and wishes!

Saints Statues at Spiru

Buying a statue of the Virgin does not necessarily have to be in a shop of the Virgin Mary, it can also simply be done online! Spiru has a large collection of Christian Figurines in our assortment, of various sizes and heights. You will find small versions that fit on the fireplace, but also, for example, a very large statue of Mary for your prayer room. Would you rather buy something other than a statue of Mary? Also take a look at our Joseph Statues and Angel Statues, or for spirituality from other world religions, our Buddha Statues, Ganesha, or Shivas. A spiritual interior starts with Spiru!