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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Selenite Candle Holder

A Selenite Tea Light Holder is an atmospheric light made entirely of white gypsum crystal. These candle holders give off a soft glow when lit that many people say resembles moonlight.

Seleniteā€™s Symbolic Connection with the Moon

According to crystal experts, Selenite or Satin Spar has a special connection to the moon. Not only the white color matches, but also the twinkling reflection reminds many people of the celestial body. It is therefore not surprising that the stone is named after the Greek moon goddess Selene. In addition, many enthusiasts find it a very spiritual stone that can be used well in meditation and mystical research!

What the Shine of a Selenite Crystal Candle Holder Does

Selenite tea light candle holders create a serene effect in the room. Many people burn a candle in a Selenite tea light holder while performing spiritual work. Gemstone therapists also consider Selenite to be a helpful stone.It is believed to cleanse the aura, clear the mind, and according to faithful meditators, it promotes contact with angels and guides during so-called channeling. There are even Selenite heart candle holders to help you open your heart while you center yourself.The spiritual reputation of this white crystal is that it has a protective and grounding effect. That explains the popularity of Selenite Candle Holders!

Do you clean a Selenite Tea Light?

A Selenite candle holder is a natural product that requires little care. Regular dusting is enough for most people. However, using soapy water or a wet cloth is not a good idea. Selenite is a gypsum crystal and it is therefore wise to let the holder come into contact with water as little as possible. Just like its sister Desert Rose, the stone can dissolve. Would you rather energetically refresh the tea light? Then immerse yourself in moisture-free methods to Cleanse Gemstones’ Energy!

Natural Atmosphere Lights at Spiru

In addition to white and orange Selenite candle holders, there are also Salt Stone Tea Light Holders and Salt Stone Night Lights for sale for natural lighting at home. Are you a fan of radiant white glows? Then a Porcelain Mood Light might be your favorite choice! Items for an inspiring interior can be found at Spiru!