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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Buy Salt Stone Tea Light Holder

Are you looking for a beautiful salt lamp tea light holder? The salt stone tea light holder we sell at Spiru originates in the famous salt mines in the Himalayas. Every Himalayan tea light is different, but they all create a cozy ambience by radiating their beautiful light. Furthermore, Himalayan salt is alleged to have remarkable powers; it is believed that the pink tea light can turn a room full of electrosmog into a fresh living environment. According to fans, Himalayan salt creates the feeling of walking through nature, such as a forest, especially when you combine it with some beautiful plants.

Natural Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

A Himalayan salt lamp tea light holder is 100% natural and made of pink Himalayan salt from Pakistan. Every salt stone tea light holder is unique in colour, shape and size, since they are all natural and handmade products. Moreover, natural stone radiates a soft light whenever it reacts to heat. Because of the natural nature of the products, the shape and colour of each tea light holder may deviate from the picture.

Salt Stone Tea Light Holder for Every Interior

These days, a Himalayan tea light can be found in the interiors of many homes. It is a special kind of decoration and it radiates a cozy light whenever the lamp is on or the candle is burning. The extraordinary and glistening pink or orange glow results in a cozy feeling. The lights create peace, a feeling of relaxation and a good atmosphere in every room.

Combining Salt Crystal Tea Light Holder

This natural product can be combined with other products made of natural materials, such as baskets made of seagrass or jute. Moreover, the salt lamp tea light looks good when combined with wood; you could, for example, place one a wooden stool or table. Every Himalayan tea light holder is unique, which makes it possible to combine multiple Himalayan salt stone tea light holders. The salt stone tea light holder can also be combined with the salt lamps with led light.

Placing your Himalayan Salt Lamp Tea Light

A Himalayan salt tea light candle holder fits in every interior, which is why it is suitable for every room in your home. Many people place it in the living room or study room. It is believed that a salt lamp may somewhat alleviate the electrosmog by cleaning the air with negative ions. Allegedly, a salt crystal tea light holder could possibly also bring about inner peace and create an environment of relaxation. These luminous crystals create an oasis of peace. However, it is not always safe to keep a candle burning while you are asleep. To be able to still enjoy the effects, you could replace a Himalayan salt tea light holder with a salt stone night light. Furthermore, it is not a good idea to place a salt crystal tea light in your bathroom or toilet, since these spaces are very humid which may cause the candle to melt.

Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Tea Light

Salt lamps are not only popular, it is believed that they are also beneficial for your health. The salt stone tea light is peaceful and calming and, allegedly, may also purify the air. It is believed that this is beneficial for your health in several ways, since it could possibly:

  • Improve your metabolism 
  • Create a cheerful and relaxed feeling
  • Stimulate separate organs
  • Alleviate radiation by spreading negative ions
  • Purify the air and rid it of bacteria and germs

These Candles Fit in a Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

Obviously, you could choose to use a regular tea light with your rock salt tea light holder. But, how about scented candles? These make it possible to enjoy a beautiful light, as well as a lovely aroma that will spread throughout your entire house. 

Himalayan Salt Tea Light as a Present

Are you looking for an original, natural and (allegedly) healthy present? In that case, the Himalayan salt tea light holder is the perfect option. It is ideal for someone who spends a lot of time on interior design. You could also give it to someone who suffers from headaches, caused by being behind a screen too much. Even if you do not know (or do not believe) in the effects of salt stone, a salt tea light is lovely to give or to receive because of its beauty. In short, salt stone is a suitable present for every occasion. 

More Himalayan Salt at Spiru

Are you a fan of the Himalayan salt lamp tea light? Good news, because Himalayan salt is not only available in the shape of a lamp or tea light holder. The neti pots are also known for their healing effects. Neti pots are tiny watering cans made of plastic or ceramic with which you can pour saline solution into your nostrils. It is believed that this improves the symptoms of a cold or allergies and causes you to be able to breathe better. Furthermore, amongst our skincare products you will find salt scrub; it is believed that this scrub is beneficial for your skin and that it could possibly reduce symptoms of skin disorders, such as eczema. We even have a Himalayan salt lick stone that will provide your pets their daily dose of minerals. You will find everything for a healthy lifestyle at Spiru!