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Buy Salt Lamp Night Light

Not everyone is used to sleeping with a light on. Many adults have only done this when they were young. However, it is not the sole intention of a salt lamp night light to make young children less scared. Allegedly, Himalaya Salt has a purifying effect on multiple areas for both parent and child. It is believed that salt lamps create a healthy atmosphere in the bedroom and this would lead to better sleep. It is important, though, that the salt lamp night light is made of real Himalayan salt.

Function of a Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light

On top of purifying the air, it is believed that a burning salt lamp night light helps you sleep better at night. As a result, many people place a small salt lamp night light on their night stand, or plug in a salt lamp night light in a wall outlet. Additionally, a salt lamp night light is believed to help you with:

  • a peaceful sleep
  • falling asleep
  • sleeping through the night

This is how a Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light Helps you Sleep Through the Night

It is believed that positive ions can potentially make you feel tired and lifeless. Allegedly, these positively charged particles can make you feel nervous, which makes it harder to fall asleep; as a result, you often lie awake at night. It is believed that placing a salt lamp on your night stand, or using a salt lamp night light in general, improves the quality of your sleep. Allegedly, a salt lamp spreads negative ions during the night, and this would make it possible for you to sleep through the night.

This is how a Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light Helps you Sleep Peacefully

These days, there is increasingly more static electricity present in our homes. Some people are negatively affected by this and even experience sleep deprivation as a result. Allegedly, a salt lamp night light neutralises particles in the air in a natural way, causing the static electricity to decrease. It is believed that, in turn, this helps you sleep peacefully.

When you Prefer Sleeping without a Night Light

To profit from the qualities of a Himalayan salt night light, it has to be turned on. However, some people prefer to sleep in the dark, in which case it could take some getting used to to sleep with a night light on. They could choose to turn the salt crystal night light on shortly before they go to bed, and then turn it off when they go to sleep. Whether it has the same alleged efficiency as when you keep it on at night is something you would have to test for yourself. The salt rock night light has a warm glow, which has a calming effect on most people, luckily. As a result, this pink/orange light is not often considered a disturbance.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light experiences

Are you curious about our own experiences with a salt lamp night light? In our blog Salt Lamp Experiences you can read about the use of a normal salt lamp and a Himalayan salt lamp night light in the bedroom.

More like Salt Lamp Night Light at Spiru

Do you already have a salt lamp night light and do you want to profit more from the function of the pink Pakistani salt? Himalayan salt is in several forms available in the Spiru shop. For the true fan, we have neti pots, with which you can pour a saline solution in your nostrils. Allegedly, this helps with issues such as allergies, a common cold, viruses and other breathing problems. The loose, pink salt can also be used to cook with. The salt scrub is believed to relieve eczema issues. For a healthy lifestyle, you’re in the right place at Spiru!


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