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Yoga Buy Nail Mats
Yoga nail mats were created thousands of years ago in Asia. In India, fakirs and yogis used the mats for meditation. They also did breathing exercises on it. The Indian nail bed was then developed into a mat for acupressure.

Acupressure is a Chinese medicine that works with pressure points. According to acupressure, these points have an effect on your energy. Each nail on the mat therefore stimulates a different place. Not only does this generate your energy, it also improves your blood flow. Muscles and organs therefore get more oxygen. So they recover faster. Ideal if you practice yoga or sports!

Your body relaxes on a nail mat. Therefore, it is ideal for meditation or savasana. The mat also has a positive effect on stress problems such as fatigue and insomnia. Moreover, the stimuli of the nails make happiness hormones. So you always benefit from it, even if you only sit or lie on it.
Benefits of a nail mat:

Relaxes stiff or aching muscles in the neck, shoulders and back.
Reduces unnecessary muscle tension
Stimulates the blood flow
Supports a lower blood pressure
relieve tension headache
Promotes a better night’s sleep
Increases the energy level
Lighten emotional tension or blockages
Promotes healthy bowel movement

Recreation at Spiru
Spiru sells a number of beautiful nail mats. In our wide range you will also find useful accessories. For example, think of a comfortable meditation towels and scarves. So you’ll always be warm on your nail mat! Also for the loyal yogi(ni) we have enough products in house. Real relaxation starts with Spiru!


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