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Buy Metal Birds

Metal Birds are animals made of bent and painted iron. They can serve as interior decoration in front of the window, on the wall or on the windowsill. Do you want to use them outside? Then place them under a rainproof roof or treat them in advance against rust and weathering.

Metal Wall Decoration Birds for your Interior

Metal birds come in all shapes and sizes to brighten up your favorite spaces. You can choose from minimalist iron birds consisting of a silhouette or an entire frame with chirping animals for on the wall. In addition to metal birds for on the wall, there are also standing versions that you can comfortably place on the windowsill – so they look curiously outside!

Metal Birds for the Garden

Spiru metal ornamental birds are best hung indoors. These decorative animals will rust as soon as they come into contact with rain or humidity. If you still want to place a metal bird outside, provide a sheltered place such as a roof or shed. If you prefer to hang the animals on your fence or balcony, treat them with a suitable material that prevents rust.

Happy Bird Figurines Buy at Spiru

Are you looking for an original gift or lively addition to your home? Spiru’s selection of wall decoration birds offers you different winged friends, from robins to exotic parrots and flamingos. Of course completely perfect if one of your Totem animals is among them! Of course you will find different sizes in our webshop, from 45 cm to 80 cm high. Many of the products also have a fair trade quality mark or serve a good purpose in the country of origin. So you can spot decoration birds at Spiru!


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