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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Collecting Gemstones

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Gemstone collecting is a great activity. There are many types of gemstones and minerals. The colours, shapes and chemical compositions are almost innumerable. The sites also guide you around the world. It is therefore a real sport to get to know all the crystals. Also in energy work, stones are popular instruments. For example when you give gemstone therapy, Reiki or massage.

Are you interested in these treasures of the earth? Do you find the rarity of gemstones fascinating? Or do you just want to collect beautiful stones? For all types of fans and users there are beautiful sets and books available. This allows you to quickly learn more about gemstones and minerals. You can also look at them and study them. In a guide or in real life.

If you are interested in the healing properties of crystals, our precious stone sets are very practical. With the stones in your possession you can for example learn to feel and recognize kinds of energy. Moreover, you can quickly broaden your knowledge with good reference works. A precious stones guide will teach you more about stones you don’t know yet. This way you can work with more and more crystals in the long run!

Gemstone collecting for children

Collecting precious stones is an educational and fun hobby. Many children search fossils or save stones. To help these young collectors on their way, a special book is available: Delivery stones for children. There you will find all the stones information you need. For example, what exactly gems are or how crystals are formed and grow. You’ll also find the history of minerals and cute facts about gemstones. Do you already have a lot of stones but you can’t get rid of them? With us you will also find handy boxes for storing rare gemstones.

We also have beautiful minerals collections for sale. For example as a gift set with a poster for the bedroom. Or how about a set of fossils from all over the world? Also our mixed tumblestones are very popular. At Spiru you’ll find great gifts for young gem connoisseurs. Whether it’s for a anniversary or for a gemstone speech!