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Serpentine gemstone is a light green, yellow, olive green, or silvery mineral. Known variations of Serpentine include Atlantisite, Infinity Stone, or Infinite. In addition to this gray-green gemstone, these varieties also contain other minerals. In addition, Serpentine is often sold as imitation Jade or New Jade. The stone is found worldwide.

Serpentine Meaning

Serpentine gets its name from the Latin word for serpent, serpens. This probably has to do with the characteristic squiggly lines or scale-like patterns in the stone. Because of these reptilian Serpentine properties, the crystal was also traditionally used in the treatment of snake bites.Ā 

Serpentine Effect According to Crystal Connoisseurs

Serpentine is used by gem therapists and other connoisseurs to enhance vitality of body and mind. The green mineral is used to support important processes in the body, such as the:

  • circulatory system
  • moisture balance
  • hormone balance

Serpentine crystals are also said to counteract or relieve cramps and inflammation. Many people therefore consult the stone for menstrual pain, toothache or other tensions and stress in the body.

Serpentine and the Chakras

Yogis connect green Serpentine stone to the Heart Chakra, an energy point at the height of the chest area. According to them, the stone has a calming effect on emotions, allowing inner joy and peace to be cultivated. The crystal would also connect with the Kundalini or life energy in the body. According to yogis, this force lies at the bottom of the spine, coiled like a snake. Special exercises or gemstones such as Serpentine would help the kundalini rise to the Crown Chakra, feeding all the energy points in between.

Serpentine Crystal Meaning for the Zodiac

According to astrologers, the constellations Libra and Gemini benefit from the inspirational nature of Serpentineā€™s properties. According to experts, the Libra makes easy contact with the cordial qualities of the green crystal. This astrological sign experiences emotional stress quickly but is also said to have a great knack for acceptance, which the Serpentine kindly reminds them of. The Gemini zodiac sign, like Libra, is an air sign that is mobile in thought and action. The Serpentine would encourage this constellation to occasionally land with both feet on the ground and gain natural wisdom.

Serpentine Gemstone Care

If you want to buy Serpentine gemstones, it can be nice to delve into taking care of your new spiritual treasure. According to gemologists, cleaning Serpentine can be done in several ways. Want to know what the options are? You can read more about Gemstone Cleansing here.

Green Gemstones Shopping at Spiru

In addition to Serpentine, you will find other special green jewelry at Spiru such as Jade, Aventurine, Agate, Malachite, Prehnite and Moldavite. Whatever natural inspiration you are looking for, you can shop for crystals at Spiru!